Angels Do Walk The Face Of The Earth.

I have never written about my feelings but I guess I just had to.


1. Life and Trust

Angels are real.

You might have even spoken or walked past some today.

The theory every young child believes in.

Well did you know that they really do?

I guess you probably wonder, that this is just another whacky idea that strolls the never ending  path in the imagination of a writer, but would you believe me if I told that this was true?

Probably not.

Well, you see humans are like a laptop and a charger. Imagine that your life is the laptop and that your trust is the charging cable.

We can try as hard as we want to control our lives all by ourselves but in time we run out of the energy to keep us going. So, in a hurry we plug our trust in him, but because we are in the hurry for energy we only plug our trust in half way, thinking that we are receiving energy, so basically we are working, although very weakly, but only because we do not see that we are not fully plugged. But then also because we are not fully plugged in we start to lose energy again and notice that we must be fully plugged in to live life. Then finally realizing we properly plug ourselves in with full trust and finally understand having learned the hard way. The easy way would have been to just simply stop trying to control our lives for just a moment and then to just simply plug our full trust in him. Then we wouldn’t have had to suffer all that time wasting our energy, because he would have been there giving us that energy without us having to even think about losing energy.

That is what the angels did. They always had their full trust plugged into him and him only.

That is why they are angels walking the face off this earth.

They have worries, but they do not need to waste energy trying to fix them themselves, for their trust is plugged fully to him.

Him who is the energy.

People like this do exist.

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