1 series: The secret

It's about a girl who finds lot of secret's from a secret book from the witch . The with seems to pretend a to be the girls best friend because she dresses into a smaill child . ............


1. The place's

Once upon  a time there was a girl named Cornelia  , Cornelia  is 8 years old .One day she went to her new school and  Cornelia felt scared , shy at  her new school when she was at school she thought it is creepy but then she thought no this is not scary and then Cornelia  had her break time and when  Cornelia finished she played, and after the bell went she lined up and went into class again then she had work to do then It was lunch time  so they got the coats  and  lunch boxes  and went off  after Cornelia's lunch she played outside for  a while and next the bell went so they lined up , And went to her class again and read then do more work then assembly and then Cornelia got her stuff and went home . After school  Cornelia went home  to help  her mum and dad to put the things in  the Car . But when  Cornelia  finished and her mum and dad  they went inside the Car and drove to there new  house and when they got inside they said '' WOW this house is Amazing '' apart from Cornelia she did not like it  Cornelia liked her  old  house the most .  So they took out the Stuff from the Car and put them in to the room's , The house looked like this bathroom and kitchen down stares  , In the middle there  is living room ,Cornelia's room , the top room are Cornelia's  mum and dad room .Cornelia then liked the house only a little bit , but  then she thought she liked it the most then her old one . Cornelia told her mother and father that she liked the new house the most . Then her mum  and dad said  Great  . 

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