5. A new adventure awaits

Okay. I like this guy, Loran, and all, but after a while i found out he was pretty annoying. The only thing he wanted to do, was talk about himself. Everything was about him. He thinks he owns the whole world. He just kept blabbering on about himself and his pack, and how he once had fought off a tiger, alongside his "perfect" pack.

After about an hour of walking, he finally asked about me. "So. Where do you come from then, son?" I opened my mouth, ready to talk a little about myself, when Loran stopped in his tracks, and growled: "Did you hear that? There is something in the bushes!" I listened. "I cant hear anything," i confessed, after a few minutes. Loran stared at the bushes, contently. "I swear, i heard something just before." He murmured.

Then, suddenly, something sprang at us from the bushes. I saw patches of grey fur, and then i felt a stabbing pain. Something had bitten my left ankle! I growled. Then instincts took over. I bit and scratched at the thing, and heard it howling with pain. After dealing a bit of damage to it, it gasped: "I surrender!" Then finally i stopped attacking it, and saw it, bleeding and scratched, sitting on the ground gasping. Then i shrieked a little. It was my old teacher from the pack! 

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