The Office Spouse

This is a story of a young lad who fell in love with his office colleague.....................but finally realizes that he loves his girl friend and it's just lust he has on the Office spouse...


4. Time for a Tiff......



Neha has a peculiar characteristic…she believes that the unbelievable can always happen with our passion and effort…true characteristic of a leader.  She fights for the deserved things in life..I admire her a lot for this attitude.

Neha and I work for the same team. Our job is to provide consultancy to the Managers in Software Industry. We deal only with the top line managers of individual units to send early warning signals if a project is getting bombed. 

It was a busy week for both Neha and me. We had to stay late till 9 PM the entire week, tough we leave by 6  PM daily. It was a Monday and we were supposed to close the audit by Friday. Neha was having a tough time both at home and office.


As we were working late, probably by 11 PM we heard a big thunder sound followed by vibrations on the floor.  The lights went off and on frequently. There was a chill in our spine. “ It’s an earthquake shouted the security guard and immediately opened the emergency exit. There were some beep sounds all over, irritating and annoying which is a signal for us to vacate the building immediately. Neha started shouting “ guys don’t goooo…get under a table….”.


No one was in a mood to listen to neha. All were running towards the emergency exit without even caring to pick up their things. Neha  and I were still in conscious state and we knew what to do. We started packing our bags and ready to get towards the emergency door. “ There is no point in rushing in too that crowd running…we will never make it down in 5 min. “ was the reply from Neha.


“ Oh my she ever scared of something ..” I spoke to myself  “ Never..not even when there is an earth quake “ consoled myself.


Suddenly four security gaurds came to us and shouted “ SIR please vacate the building immediately” and each of them dragged us out to the second emergency exit. There was neither the  patience to listen to us nor the time to allow us to collect our belongings.


We quickly ran thru the stair case and in no time we were at the ground floor of the building..with police fire fighters and some emergency response team of our company . The entire climate outside the building looked like typical Christmas evening in Holywood films. was all snowy with flakes of snow falling on us and there was a dusky vision of the buildings opposite. As Neha and I moved forward towards a Bus into which police were making all the employees move..we saw flames gusting out of the a building near by. Now it was all a commotion in our minds.


Neha and I were staring at each other hoping to find the right answer of what exactly happened here.


‘ Was it an earth quake …then no building is shattered here all seem ok. “ Neha asked me in puzzle.

“I think it is a bomb blast – Terrorist attack—but wait..why did terrorist attack that stupid building there…..or is it a aeroplane crash…” I came out with all possible outcomes that I made a note of in films and crime news.


“May be you were right. It could be an aeroplane attack by the terrorist like they did on World trade centre…..!! Hey wait…why will they crash into that building over there when we have big sky scrapers here with most of the Software companies in that” Neha  is always a bunch of questions to which she

Has the answers,  Typical girl.


“ Suddenly we both realized and shouted…” The petrol Bunk…yes there is a petrol bunk over there” Did that just blast ..Oh my god…are these dummy snowflakes and dust in the air the ashes that rose from the blast”

We both shouted such that all in the bus started staring at us and one guy from the front took over the conversation from us.


“ Yes seems there was a collision of two oil tankers some time ago and both exploded immediately. The damage so far was minimal. I am sorry to say 17 people were burnt alive within 5 min. There was a huge blast that made our building foundation shake. The buildings in and around 3 KM may collapse anytime. The aftermath of blast is still there. There is a strong heat waves flowing towards the offices that may drag the entire building down. That is the reason we were asked to vacate the building.”  With a full gasp he completed the speech. He then stood on the small pedestal near the front door of the bus eagerly waiting for questions from the passengers..


Suddenly the bus started and police were shouting “ Move on ..Move on…” with whistles.


As the bus moved fast towards the city neha suddenly realized that the file that had her certificates and client documents which were very important was in her desk locked up. “ I need to get them” she started moving out. I immediately grabbed her hand and tried to console her that nothing will happen to them,


“ Neha..Stop doing that…those files will be safe. Let’s come back again in a couple of days to collect our things.


“No way can you say that… Those are my  certificates right from my childhood. I have my entire life in there. Moreover the client new business documents are there in that file. Srini told me to hand over those documents to the Legal department yesterday. I did a big mistake and I will be responsible for those documents. “


“Ok OK neha please calm down..i can understand. But this is not the right time to go. The police aren’t allowing, not even close to the building. All the buildings are closed with very tight security. “


Hours passed as Neha and I wer locked in my house….she was constantly checking on the updates on the 24X7 news channels to find a inch of scope to get her stuff from the building. I was busy preparing dinner for her and suddenly my phone was ring with the lowest possible voice. I checked my pants in vain..then I realized that I kept my phone in her hand bag when we were running out of the building.


I opened her handbag and took out my phone from the most complicated and stuffed bag in the world. It was Neelu..” Hello Darling..”

Hey where the hell are you…I just heard that there was some chaos near your office and all the people over there were asked to move out..What happened…” Neelu didn’t give any gap to breathe in.


“OK OK Relax dear ..yes there was some terrorist attck in the city..we were asked to come out of buildings and I guess there will be an emergency called in the city..Neha and I are at home now…I couldn’t take her to her place as her place has another attack on the cinema theater and its totally closed ..


That’s good …what will she do there alone …: Neelu praised me for the best thing I did. “So what are you doing now…and where is she…why the house is so silent when she is around…something unusual” Neelu cracked the best of the jokes she ever did.


“HHAHAAH..ok listen…no more jokes…she is totally upset..Actually she left the most important file at office. Now she wants that at any cost. She is ready to go back now and get those files….” I explained the entire story in a short span.


“ What…hey ask her not to do that…I just saw in one of the news channels..Your building is in smoke …and police and Fire are working together to put that down..


<to be updated >

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