The Office Spouse

This is a story of a young lad who fell in love with his office colleague.....................but finally realizes that he loves his girl friend and it's just lust he has on the Office spouse...


6. The Last Day........


The Last Day….


We had had enough with all the drama in our lives. Neha was getting married at last to a NRI who has no time to even spare 2 days in India.  Neelu realized her mistake and ready to move in with me again.

Here comes the end of the year again and its party time all over the city…Zingle bells, Rein deers (of course they are made of plastic). Santa roaming on the streets without their deer ..but we can see dogs chasing the santa s…the air filled with sweetness of carols…Yes it is Christmas time yet again.


I had a strong feeling that we three will be together pretty soon by new year’s day. It happened once and I was confident to witness something similar this time too.  My desperation grew day by day as we approached Dec 31st .


There were some messages from Neha to Neelu ..which read “ OK “ , “ Done”..I guess all the important messages were deleted from Neelu’s inbox.


“ Darling would you like to have a pizza..I m damn hungry and feel like eating a pizza now” I shouted at Neelu who was busy in the kitchen..busy with some stuff.

“whaaaat..pizzaaaa...Nowwwwww.. …I love to and please order my favorite one with extra olives and a choco lava cake too….its party time ……Its partyyyyyy timmeee…” Neelu started singing some strange song with weird lyrics and tune from a bollywood blockbuster.




“ Let us not cook today and I will order for the night too..oh ..r we going to some party tonight in the colony …or is someone expected at our house for the new year celebrations…!!!” I was trying to find out the reunion plan .among Neha, Neelu and myself.


Did I hit the right one ..did I nail it to the point…did she understand what I mean by that…Many questions waved through my mind, but the answer will be only one …NEHA


I haven’t spoken to Neha for almost 2 months now..And there has been a lull in our relationship (be it Platonic/ friendship/ love/ attraction). So, my patience was dying to get things sorted and to be back in the right track again.

I need a healthy relationship again.. ….I miss both the girls always and I want both of them in my life.


I was staring at vaishu for an answer. “ C’mon dear …tell me something ..I will plan accordingly” I reminded her the question again.


“ Nothing, No one is coming …just for we too but for dinner we will order some extra food..because I will eat more today…..” Neelu fumbled as she spoke these words …


“ And I want a medium size chocolate cake, one chicken bowl from KFC and strawberries ..too” Neelu added.

Ok now I clearly knew who’s coming tonight ..this is a typical Neha’s menu.


“ when did u start eating chicken..when did u taste a berry and straw berry for that matter…What’s going on here ..’ Puzzled.. I inquired her.


Now …I knew Neha was coming tonight and we three are together again..


















.Some drama between Neelu and me.









The clock was ticking 11 27 PM and I couldn’t see any sign of Neha  till then..


Neelu was busy with the television..she glued her head to the Idiot box.


11 31 PM: Neelu’s mobile rang ….and I ran towards the table to pick up the call..


“FREEZE” shouted Neelu just to make sure I wasn’t looking at the mobile and hoping the surprise is still on between us.


I stopped at one go  and she ran towards her handbag to pick up the call


Helloooo NEHA …where are you ? I am waiting for you since half an hour …” without a break and not even caring to listen to neha’s explanation.

Suddenly I noticed some facial expressions ..that resemble surprise, in Neelu’s face..

“Who is this “ “ where is neha “ set of questions followed


I went near Neelu to find out the confusion happening..


Neelu handed over the phone to me and said ..”its some middle aged man ( only girls can guess the age just by listening to the voice) …its not NEHA “ Neelu was all tensed up now and I can see some commotion in her expressions.


I took the phone and started asking the details


“HELLO..who is this”

“Hello sir …I am the Sub inspector of police of Necklace road station…Is it Neelu or someone related to Neelu…Can I talk to her sir” Police man with a cool voice as if he is used to these kind of situations…and yes they are used to they had had handled many such incidents


“ Yes ..I am Neelu’s husband …what’s the matter …is neha did you get this phone ..what happened to neha?” I shot a quiver of arrows which made Neelu more restless and she was eagerly looking at my lips to predict the next word coming out..Probably many of us do that to get more concentration in such panic situations.


“ Sir…I got Neelu madam’s number from the recent dial list of this mobile”


“ Can you ppl once come to Necklace road – aparna hospital please …as early as possible”

Inspector though tried very hard to lower the speaking rate and bring some sense of compassion..It was still rude and rash.


“ Whaa…ttt ? “ Now I started panicking and My heart beat became fast, my ears weren’t ready to listen any bad news and suddenly I felt that my heart has gained weight …I can see Neelu almost crying..i think she heard the inspector’s words as she was very close to me…


Neelu started crying ..i can see the tears at the edge of eyes..she started pressing my palm very tightly and said “ Where s NEHA now ..ask him”


“ sir, is neha alright ? We are coming there now . what happened to neha ? “


“ Nothing serious , she met with a small accident and she is terrified..she is not talking to us ….so , I saw Neelu’s messages and calls in the dial list and I thought may be you people can help her”


“ OK OK We are starting now …We will be there in 20 min “


I hung the phone and hugged Neelu tightly.. She was trying to see my face but I couldn't show her. I had  tears which fell on her neck.

Neelu found out that and tried hard to get released from my hug…look at my face and always asking the same question “ Is neha fine ..please tell me she is ok “


I tried to control my emotions …looked into Neelu’s face and spoke “ Nothing .. nothing happened to neha..she met with an small accident and she is scared now..She needs us now …lets go and bring her to our home “


We started from home with whatever money we had in our wallets/hand bags and made sure the credit cards are in place. We reached aparna hospital in less than 20 minutes and we saw an Ambulance and a police jeep right out of the gate..

There were many people gathered around a room and there were police talking to doctors ..The entire drama over there was giving Neelu some sort of uncomfortable feeling. The smell of drugs , the bedridden patients , the commotion among police and doctors made us more scared.


We went to one of the police and asked him “ Hello I am neha’s it you who called me”


“Oh you are Neelu and her husband ?…Yes ..I called you ..Come with me please” Police man still in the same state of calmness as if nothing happened there or as if they are used to these situations.


“I am very sorry sir…I lied to you…Neha maam met with an accident near necklace road and died …please forgive me ..I thought you would be panicked more if I said she died ..I couldn’t help much”


Neelu and I stopped on the spot and were staring at inspector with mouth open..We had no words and I can sense Neelu’s body became loose and was about to fall on the ground…


I gained some courage forcefully and held Neelu’s hand ..we walked towards a room as slowly as possible..My mind was still thinking in the most funny way possible..” I think the police man and neha are fooling us..I think neha planned the new year something differently so she requested some guy in the police whom she knows to plan for this ..If I open this door neha will be there for sure with all the balloons waiting to wish  HAPPY NEW YEAR…” All these were rolling in my mind and at the same time I was desperately praying god..”  Please god for one last time..make this happen..all my thoughts must be true and let neha fool me and Neelu ..we have no problem to forgive her for this stupid prank but we can’t lose her”


I looked at my watch and it was 11 59 PM and there was some hope at the corner of my left ventricle in the heart that this is a prank and neha wants to meet me exactly at 12…she does these kind of pranks many times..


As we moved closely to the door, the inspectors slowly open the door. All we could see was a bed with someone sleeping and a white bed spread covering the entire body. Neelu said “ No I am not coming..please don’t say that is neha “ ..I almost dragged her to the bed. I looked at the watch and it was exactly 12 …I could hear the cracker’s sound out side hospital..some boys shouting and some in the hospital too… I was still sure that neha will jump from the bed and shout  HAPPY NEW YEAR. But by now this should have happened was already 15 secs past 12 and there was no movement.


Now my heart started beating really fast and I couldn’t expect anything. My mind was block ..when the only positive outcome you expect doesn’t happen and when you don’t want the negative outcomes to happen at any cost..your mind is blocked by some gatekeepers to think of any alternative.


The inspector slowly opened the bed sheet on the body. It was neha with all bruises and scars on the face..with one hand separated from the body and a big injury at the back of the head.


Neelu and I couldn’t even cry ..we stared at the body in shock and our throat was filled with something that we couldn’t even gulp and cry out loud …It took 1 min for us to recover and Neelu started crying loud ..fell on the ground on my feet holding my thigh..I put my hand on her head and tried to console her.

I touched Neha's face to check the bruises a sign of last hope that these are artificial marks made to fool us …but I quickly realized that it was alredy 12 05 AM and she will not drag this long if she really want to fool us…I started crying slowly but as a man I tried to control myself.


“How did it happen” I enquired the inspector.


“ She was coming thru necklace road at around 11 20 PM and there was all party happening  over there..According to eye witness ..a group of boys were driving fast on bikes and they tried to over take neha mam’s car … Suddenly they collided near the bottle neck bridge at 23rd mile and neha mam’s car crashed into a tree and then rolled over to the transformer”


“I am not sure whether I have to say fortunate or unfortunate in this situation…The transformer generally blasts when hit by a rolling car..but that didn’t happen. If that had happened all we could get was ashes.. But now we got the body…” explained the Inspector still with same calmness and no feelings.

I am not sure how police can be so heartless and I gave a dirty look at him

“ Sorry sir I was speaking in terms of FIR language ..with too technical and less emotional details” …a kind of apology “ But we were able to recover the body. She was dead on the spot because of head injury. The hand cut off the torso and it fell 10 mts away..”

Neelu started crying loud after the horrible yet true narration given by the inspector..

Now I couldn't control my emotions and fell on neha’s face..kissing her on the forehead and started crying ..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”

..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”

..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”

..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”

..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”

..” Please don’t leave me …please come back…”



Suddenly I sensed someone hitting me on my ass hard enough to wake me up …I opened my eyes and turned back..It was Neelu with a broom stick in her hand hitting me on my ass cheeks hard …


“ what’s cooking Mr Hero…what’s happening here…Whom are you calling to come back and don’t leave me” Neelu looked like the hindu goddess with a big sword in her hand ..ready to chop me if I said some girl’s name..

I suddenly realized that I was on my couch with no pants under and not even an under garment …with only a light blue t shirt ..Yup I was half naked but the half meant full in this case because I didn’t cover what ought to be covered …

“Hey where am I..on my couch in our home…I was supposed to be in aparna hospital on new year’s day” With lot of confusion I asked Neelu

“ What th F… are you mad..this is mid july and how the hell can you get new year’s day now and who is the aparna ? did u start flirting with a new girl in office …bloody idiot..”

“ You said you have some session on some crap project management tool in the offie at 9 said your boss asked you to come early ….you asked to wake you up by 6 AM so that you can work out…I saw you going to the loo with this only t shirt on your body…I was busy cooking for you and when did u come and sleep here ( on the couch)” Neelu started explaining me all the events that happened ..


“ I was under the assumption that you were bathing and will come to breakfast by 7 AM..You moron slept here again…wake up idiot and put some clothes to cover your stupid tool” she hit me again on my ass with the broom stick.

“ Was it a dream..was I shouting something in the dream” I asked Neelu

I suddenly realized that I had a very long dream of a girl named Neha in my life …she is my office girl friend…I was tangled in a triangle Love story..which brought clashes among us..finally the day we were supposed to meet..Neha died in a car accident..Crazy dream..


OK let’s be in office before the boss arrives…and let me stop dreaming about just have Neelu in your life..


“ Yes..some girl’s name..i think aparna…but after that you said some hospital” ..CBI enquiry style ..” what is with this aparna and hospital..don’t say u had an affair with some girl named aparna and she is pregnant now and you are taking her to hospital…don’t say this was your dream “ Neelu threw some bullets at me ...

“ Hey no nothing of that sort..hope it happens with me and aparna darling “ I winked at her


“ Ok get ready ..did you forget about the training today and you said some new associates are also joining the session.. don’t get late and your boss will beat you black and blue in front of your subordinates..”


I realized that I had a weird dream of an office girlfriend and the triangle love story. I rushed into the bathroom and I was in office by 8 56AM..


“ Srini was already in the training room..setting up the power point presentation and the projector .. I knocked the door and went in.


“ Welcome sir are the first and on time as usual…and where are these new comers..i hope they knew this training room..can you just check out in the lobby once”


“OK srini..i will see if they are waiting …by the way what’s their names” I asked


“ OK ..let me check the mail I got… you can check with Rana..i think I saw him in the morning..tall guy with a French beard”


I went into the lobby and saw a French bead guy talking to 2 more guys ..I went straight to him and asked “ Are you Rana..”


“Yes..and you must be srini..”

“No not exactly but I am more than srini…so you three have registered for the training…come with me” I guided them to the training room…but one guy suddenly stopped me.


“Wait ..there is one more to join she is coming” Vivek the other guys said..

“Sheeeeee..i turned quickly to see and compare the frame I had in my dream”

“Oh my goodness…” I saw a short cute girl…limping and with a book in her hand..


“ is she disabled..” I asked vivek..

“No ..she met with an accident and she had a sprain” vivek shooted..


She came smiling to me and said I am the fourth member in the training from the new comer’s batch..

I tried hard to control my curiosity but to change the way things happening in comparison to the dream that ended in the morning…I took the initiative this time.

I moved next to the short, cute limping girl and asked what that book is for.


“ to make notes when the session is going on” she replied instantly as if she was expecting this question because no other guy was having a book or even a paper.


“ Ohhh..did I just met the short, cute , limping journalist , whom I saw in my dream” I talked to myself


“Excuse me..did you ask something ?” she asked me

“Haa..nooo…haaa yes what’s your name by the way” I fumbled


“Neha..Neha Kothari..and yours “ with a cute smile..


I stopped there and couldn't move forward…



Is the dream becoming reality now...will Neha be my office spouse and the story continues…………………………


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