Message in a bottle


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Ryan was running down the beach one evening when he saw a bottle stuck in the sand. He sat down on the beach and pulled the cork out. After a while he finally got the paper out of the bottle, and unrolling the paper, he read the message;


To the person who finds this bottle: I'm so glad that you have found my message...

I don't know you, and you hopefully don't know me either. I need someone to know how bad the last couple of month have been. And since my husband will do something terrible, if I tell anyone, I can't tell anyone who knows me.

It all started a cold October day. I came home from work, but as I entered the door , I could hear voices from the bedroom. Immediately I knew what was going on, so I sneaked out again. I know it was kind of silly of me, to react like that. But I was so embarrassed, so in the following weeks, I pretended like nothing had happened. As much as I tried to forget about it, every time I came home, I was shaking over me entire body.

Then one day, I came home from a stressful day at work, and I couldn't help myself. I slapped him. Right in his face, called him a cheating bastard, and then I marched out the front door. I felt satisfied and free. Like the whole world had been balancing on my head, and the moment I walked out the door, it was gone. I felt so light, that I for a second imagined that I could fly.

The following days my phone kept on calling. I knew it was him, so I didn't answer. I should have known better. I knew he had a extreme and violent side, but I chose to replace it with my new feeling of independence.

Deep down inside of me, I knew the day would come. The day when he found me.

The day was beautiful. It was freezing, but the sun was shining. I was walking in the park. It looked like I was walking around in a fairytale world. The sun reflected in the snow. The little lake was frozen. All the trees and bushes had ice crystals all over them. And every time a bird landed on a branch, a little bit of snow felled down. Quite magical really.

Suddenly right in front of me, there he was . I tried to keep myself calm, but I knew I didn't really succeed. He smiled at me, like a hunter smiles when he finally spots the deer between the trees. I felt more small than ever, and my feet didn't feel light anymore, but heavy like steel. A deer might would have been able to outrun him, but not me. “You know that if you tell anyone, then I will get fired”, he said, “then I can't pay for all the things you want”. “I don't care about the things”, I yelled back, “how could you do it to me!?”. He looked at me for a moment, then he took my arm, and dragged me with him.


Now I'm sitting here, writing this letter, and hoping you can answer me this question: why don't I just fly away?



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