Tranquil Seasons

This collection is about my Tranquil Seasons and the company of poetry, who to some extant could justify its presence in my life and soul. Thanks to everyone and everything for making it possible to be created in my life.


3. Dawn : Prelude in Sun's Concert





O! Prelude in Sun’s concert,

Happiness rests in you site

                                   The radiance of the hope begets

After dark tides of night.


Chirping is your tiny friend

That hails the breeze of fumes   

The rays like golden flocks spread

The message that life resumes.


Sky is your canvas,

The art is ‘endless hope’.

Spread the art with brush of time

And sun, your masterstroke


Hail to thee great ‘Dawn’

The reason for silence to break.

Conclude the ages of slumberous hour,

Enlighten the man to awake.

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