The Raven Bride

Simply no short way to describe the evil of this tale...


1. Perfect wedding....Except not at all!

I grabbed around my fathers arm and felt him kiss my forehead. I concentraited to remember my words and not to fall. I took the deep breath required and then as soon as i heard the sweet soft melody played buy Bernadett's mother i started to walk with dad towards the altar. There he stood the perfect husband too be. In his suit all dressed up and his hair set nicely to perfection. My father put my hand in his and he held it as i walked the final two steps.

The minister read from his book, and we both said our lines. He put the ring on my finger and i put the ring on his finger.

In that moment nothing could go wrong. When the minister said 'you may now kiss the bride' he would lift the veil and his lips would press against mine and we would live happily ever after. Of please say the words dear minister! I thought as i heard the crowds exited breath takeings.

"You may now kiss the bride." The minister announced and i smiled. The biggest smile in my life.  

But right before his lips touched mine. All the white doves flying around screamed and turned into black ravens. All the white and red roses died and turned black and dry. The audience all starred at me with huge eyes and as i looked down at what used to be my white dress i saw that all the fabric had turned black and red with blood. I looked up at my husband to be, and all he did was stare. 

"Please you haft to belive me i don't know what is going on!" I cried as he starred in shock that black shadowy air was all around me. The earth cracked between the two of us and i  held out my hand for him as he held out  his hand for me. "I will save you! I will find you and we will be together again!" He said trying to grab my hands. I saw my father lying dead in the corner of the church. Everything was going so wrong. "I will wait for you!" His hand could not reach furthur and we where pulled away buy the invisible force pulling the earth in separate directions. 


Will i ever find my true love again?  


That was the last thought than ran threw my head before i transformed....

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