Zombies Rule

How to meet and eat people.


3. United.


It all made sense why Mr Frost had not finished Zane off. Biting Zane's flesh and drinking his blood caused Mr Frost's senses to enhance, and notice a greater sauce of energy.

All the Zombies Zane had seen on TV shows, were slow and sluggish moaning like an old lady in the heat of passion.

What was depicted were unfed Zombies. Slow and dumb with arms outstretched . This was clearly not the scene in-front of Zane.

Besides Mr Clarkson and his growing force of students and teachers with make shift weapons. Most of the students and teachers were separated.

Part of the horde had herded a bunch of students to the left side of the playground pushing them back towards the school gates. The Zombies were coordinating. They were making a pincer movement blocking in their prey. Zane broke visual contact with Mr Clarkson. And focused on his "one of five a day".


The screams of the trapped students were intense. The sound excited Zane. The screams seemed to give him a mild buzz that tugged at him. 

The pincer of the Zombies came closer and closer. One of the students made a run for it. He was fast and strong. He rugby tackled one Zombie crushing its rib-cage.  Another reached out an arm. The student grabbed the clawing hand. And with a twist and a pull. Wrenched the entire arm from the Zombie's socket . The student then used the arm to fend off the attacking horde. Zane recognised the student. It was Miller. Jovan  Miller. He had a habit of doing pranks. Or going out of his way to make people look stupid in-front of girls he knew you liked. 

One time Miller pulled out a water pistol and shot at Zane's groin area as he stepped outside the boys room. That was not bad enough. Stacey Charms walked by just as Miller  pointed and shouted  at Zane" He pissed himself !" 

Zane snapped out of that thought. He found it hard to focus.


Miller was doing well. He had battered his way through the horde, The other screaming Students saw hope in him and surged forward to get out of this Zombie trap.

Zane movement had become sluggish, it was embarrassing. Zane could see Miller running towards him at a terrible pace. By now Miller had a Zombie head in one hand and an detached arm in the other.

With all his might Miller throw the Zombie head directly at Zane's bony chest. The skull exploded on impact knocking Zane to the ground.

 As Zane fell, he shot out his arm catching Millers ankle. It was a minor blow but it was enough to make Miller lose his footing. Miller plummeted down onto the concrete. The drop clearly winded him. Miller placed his hands under his body as if he was about to do a push up, when a sharp pain shoot up his leg.  It felt like tiny little knives were cutting into his Achilles heel. Then another burst of pain as he heard his tendon snap.


Zane had managed to clamp his mouth unto Miller foot. The mixture of sweaty socks and warm salty blood was strange at first, but than it filled him with energy. As if directed ,all the Zombies turned towards the fallen Miller.  The loss of blood had weakened Miller. But he was fully awake when other teeth took chucks out of his fresh. His screams was muffled by the sound of Zane and his fellow Zombies eating him alive.  


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