Zombies Rule

How to meet and eat people.


2. Hunger


Zane woke up dazed.. unsure what had happened. He felt an itch on his arm, and a strange kind of hunger in his gut.... There was no sign of Zombie Frost.


Zane looked at his arm and noticed bite marks on it. There was no pain just an itchy sensation. It was clear that Frost had a "Zane arm snack".. but why hadn't he eaten his brain.. something must of disturbed him. Zane looked at the wound. Denture perfect teeth marks appeared on the chewed skin, which now had a grayish tint .

" No Way, I Cant be..." Zane rushed to the nearest mirror to look at himself.


Wearing Buzz  Lightyear pants was no longer healthy looking Zane with a mild case of acne . Which stood before him was a ghoul looking bad ass Zombie!


Zane's face  had tightened and his cheekbones stood out, and his lips had shrunk so that his teeth could be seen. His wonderful black locks had fallen out. Both his eyes glowed cloudy blue, just like a fish bowl filled with blueish smoke.


Zane noticed that his body was no longer pale and weedy, but now grayish with protruding bones, ribs, chest-bone the lot all stood out. It was awesome.


After checking himself out. Zane gave in to the Itching sensation where he had been bitten by Mr Frost. It felt good to scratch. He had a good old rub until he heard a tearing sound. Zane had just scratched the skin off his forearm . Fresh blood poured from his arm. Zane didn't turn in horror, but instead feasted.

He couldn't help himself. The skin and blood rejuvenated  him . His hearing became acute. His eyes became focused. and Zane had a sharpen sense of smell. He could smell Mr Clarkson.. well stale Coffee .. he could hear heart beats. Zane was over come with hunger and ran using the stale coffee and sound of heart beats to guide him.


The sounds and smell lead him outside into the playground where before him a horde of Zombies stood. Facing a mixture of scared students and terrified  teachers.


For someone currently dead, Zane never felt so alive. His eyes searched for Mr Clarkson.

Mr Clarkson was fending off Zombies with a red Medicine ball. Mr Clarkson was a strong man and crushed Zombie skulls with a single swing. Mr Frost approached Mr Clarkson.

" Not you too Steve" 

Mr Clarkson side kicked Mr Frost's right knee. Causing the Zombie to topple over as his knee snapped backwards. Clarkson then brought down the Medicine ball down onto Mr Frost's jaw less face. There was a satisfying pop when the ball bounced off Mr Frost head, causing mushy brains to spew out  onto the playground floor.


" Come at me bro" Clarkson bellowed. Waving his Medicine ball like a trophy. All the students and teachers rallied around him.


Zane's energy seemed to subside. The energy his own flesh had given him seemed to have run out. He needed to eat and fast, if he was to stand a chance to defeat and eat Mr Clarkson. 






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