a story of celebratiion of rare local buzz party for a new year eve and almighty electricity breaks the bond of loadshedding and connects him to the facebook where he finds his best fren to be a cheat.


3. freshers

He along with his mates eying the fresh pair of legs with long hairs,clean boots and smiles that clicks them to make a status to be in a relationship in their Facebook account.Though a year passed ,today they were feeling alike their first day to college as the freshers.

He came to find a girl pretty more than he is capable to imagine and promise by heart to flirt her till death being in a relation.A twist  expected and comes in the form of a coked figured girl, tall n bold and even that smile which made him promise again.Hell no! that's more than expectation,he fell for a third girl too.He must be a Casanova, he is still confused and determined for his promises.

The beyond expectation girl comes from a family that got their home in place alike Beverly hills of Nepal called Thamel.She is talented,sexy and more educated on physical relationship.She is free to talk on any subject and any time after college.she was someone who is liked to have most but in his case,she is not the perfect one.It was all a single pizza for some tight hugs,locked lips and some squeezes around the body to call it an over.though he still misses those moments he cant accept the in-perfectionist in his life and specially in his timeline profile.

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