Letters to No-one

Feelings of Love can be strong, and sometimes take over your whole life. To learn about someone that did have their life taken over by it, made me sad. Cause it didn't end well, it ended in bloodshed.


1. Violence and Innocence

I wish people could just read my thoughts, cause the words I write just don't seem to truly reflect how I feel. They might be what I would say, but they're not what I'm thinking. And everything always sounds better in my head, but I guess that's true for everybody. But there are some thoughts that I wish to keep to myself, some quite violent and bloody ones. I'm not gonna lie to you, I can be very violent, when anyone crosses the line. But if it is my line they cross, then I am not too bothered. But if it's one of my friends, then they're in for it. But then again, I can be quite gentle. But only to those who don't treat me like dirt, which is just a hand full of people. One above all others though. Only they have seen my Innocent side, and there is no point of showing it. Cause no-one will care.

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