Letters to No-one

Feelings of Love can be strong, and sometimes take over your whole life. To learn about someone that did have their life taken over by it, made me sad. Cause it didn't end well, it ended in bloodshed.


2. Lilly...

The warmth of the radiator rose, invisible, but it was there. I could feel it warming my bare skin, and lightly toasting the clothes around me. Insulating the little heat there. The warmth slowly cooled by the winter breeze that breathed in through the window. I closed my eyes, just thinking, hardly living. My hand clenched onto a tattered, cherry red leather book, that revealed a bitter truth of love. I opened the book to the page where the red piece of material was, marking the page which I had slowly read to. I put my feet on the windowsill, and put the book on my thighs. And started shifting my back into the pillow trying to mould my body into the softness behind me. Trying to get comfortable before starting to read again, a comfort is needed when reading this diary.

I forgot to mention that this is a diary. It belonged to Lilly, a very good friend of mine. We met at the park when I was six, twelve years ago. And ever since then, we've been like sisters. But I had no idea that she ever felt like this. I think it's my duty to find out why she was so depressed, she was my best friend. But it's quite unusual, cause she was always bubbly and happy towards me. But maybe that's cause she didn't want me to know, so the depression wasn't passed to me. I guess she cared too much for me to tell me about this. But, she isn't here any more, she died of loss of blood. She was stabbed, but no-one knows who by. And that's what I want to find out, even if I have to tread onto dangerous territory...





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