Heartless Angel

How could i be so cold? For a human far under me....Far out of my reach...So evil i could never be with him!


2. Wandering to the signs

I awoke by the sun shining into my eyes. My feet where in the edge of the lake makeing them clean and neat. Or at leaste neater than they should be. My back still hurt but not as much. I got up slowly and carefully makeing sure not to strain my back too much. I looked up and my gase met a hole in clouds, no doubt that was where i fell. "Why?" I whispered softly. A voice appeared in my head it was the voice of my sister. 

"You are a fallen angel now! God won't let you into the kingdom anymore! You stranded there forever! Because of Aske you are bound to suffer here until you do something good to get you back into heaven. Do you think you can do it?" I sighed and shook my head "No..." Her voice broke into small sobbs. I coulden't help but cry too. "I have to go now bye." She said haistely like someone was coming and she could not be found talking to me. I trudged down a path i found after walking a while i saw a road. I started to run. If there was a sign on this road it could lead me to where i have to go. Maybe i could find Aske and his school if i was close?

I walked over to a sign nearby and read the words 'Holly Oak city't

Yess! this is it!! Aske's town maybe i do have a chance!

I turned around towards the town and saw a white arrow point towards an empty house. I followed it hopeing it would lead me somewhere good. I knew this trick too good after doing it to others. It was out way of showing people the way. People where lost....People who like me have crossed the to the dark side. I ran towards the arrow.

The house was abandonned but somebody had clearly improved it. I walked towards the door and keys appeared in my hands together with a paper with the number of a bank account in my name. Apparently God, or my other angel friends didn't wan't me to suffer to bad. I turned the key and walked inside. The room had been perfectly balanced with white and black colores and fluffy carpets completely comfy to sit in. I ran towards the already on computer and on the screen it read. 

You now have two chances. Do good deeds get back in heaven. Do too many bad deeds and you will end up a demon. You still have some of your Angel abilities. Good luck and remember why you where an angel in the first place. 

I clicked the exit message button and i found my self on the town high school studen't list. I was marked as an exchange student. At least i knew one guy here on earth. Aske. In my time as an Angel it had been my task to guard one of his victims. He didn't kill just rather violent fights. But my heart came ahead of my mind and i could not completely succes. I did my task but still managed to bring negative energi into heaven and create unbalance. 

I just told him i was going away for a while. He seemed to really mean that he would miss me. I belived him and still do. I clicked on my name. Suprisingly i still had my original name. Aerith Xefferi. I was marked in under the junior row and that fitted me well. One last peice of paper caught my eye. I picked up the red slip and read the words.


Cross to the dark side, there you can live with Aske in evil peace.

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