Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


13. The HOT part

Thank you so much for reading,and for all the comments! Love you! I write the story for you!

-C'mon i didn't buy all this alcohol so i can look cool. -said Christian pointing at my shot. I smiled

-You're right,but who drinks alone? - i said and Christian smiled

.He was on the way to the kitchen which was now a dance floor.


-Yeah,a little bit - said Justin, and Christian came back with two drinks. He gave the one to Justin and then stopped.

-What?  - i stared at them back.

-Ladies first! - said Christian and Justin laughed with him. I drank it  really fast.Christian and Justin had no choice,so they did the same. I heard Ryan's voice.

-SO you started without us? he asked.

-What a shame! - said Chaz who was behind Ryan,acting indignant. Christian gave them the bottle and Ryan and Chaz were looking like the happiest people alive. Then a girl came and said "Hi" to the boys. 

-Oh,that's Caitlin - my sister. - said Christian.

Caitlin was really beautiful with long straight hair. She smiled at me.

-Nice to meet you. - then she turned around to Christian  and said:

-You're not planning to get drunk tonight,right?

-Of course no,sis. - he smiled at her.

-I can smell the alcohol - said Caitlin and we all started laughing.

Then i saw that Justin felt uncomfortable. Ryan also noticed that, so he asked Justin if he wants to "go around and see some of their other friends". They went somewhere in the crowd and Caitlin also said "Bye" to us.

I was now with Christian and Chaz. I felt extremely strange.Christian was still making me laugh,but Chaz noticed that i was thinking about Justin.

-Look,um.. Caitlin  was Justin's girlfriend before. I don't know if it's right to hear about their relationship from me but.. yeah. I think you need to know and i'm sure Justin will tell you. - said Chaz.

I felt awkward. Caitlin was really beautiful and pretty,and i couldn't think of a reason for Justin to ever break up with her. But i wasn't mad on Justin, because we were in a relationship from a few days.He didn't know about my exes,and i didn't know  about his.

-Yeah of course. Thank you for telling me Chaz. I smiled at him.

He saw i was calm now so he also smiled.

 -Hey wanna see the backyard?

  -Yes. i said and i started walking right after Christian,because i felt like i was going to loose him on the way to the yard.  Chaz was coming too but he knew the way. Haha. Soon we were there and i saw a big pool.

-Woow that's so cool!  - Christian knew i was talking about the pool,because obviously this was the coolest part of  the yard.

-Later we can swim there. 

-Awesome -  i said and looked around. The yard was really big and beautiful. There were a lot of people,but at least they weren't as much as the people in the house. We sat somewhere in the yard and started checking my phone.

Christian asked me:

-Another drink?

-Yes. - I was going to get wasted tonight. Christian went in the house and in the few minutes he was in the yard with more alcohol. We were sitting there drinking then Justin and Ryan came. A few hours we just sat there and drank.. and drank. Then Justin said:

-Look,can we talk? - I stood up and we walked around the yard.

-You saw Caitlin right? - said Justin looking really nervous.

-Yes. - I knew what Justin was going to tell me. And i thought if was funny how he waited for me to drink a little bit,and then share his last relationship with me.

-She's my ex. - Justin looked at me like he was guilty.

-Okay Justin. I don't think that's a problem. - i said.

I was sure Caitlin wasn't a problem.  And she was nice.

-There isn't anything that bothers you,right?

-Of course Justin. I trust you. 

-Thank you.

He kissed me. We walked back where the boys were. We talked a lot. Then Chaz was trying to seduce one girl. 

-Hey can i ask you for a favor? Please. - Chaz asked me.

-Okay. - i said looking at him really confused.

-Okay,so look at that girl - he pointed at one really cute girl which was with her friends.

- Can you.. like go to her and mention me,or something..

-That's Amy - said Christian. I laughed

-Why she has to ask her? - said Justin

-I don't know man,cause she's a girl like her and she understands i guess..

-No problem Chaz,just let me drink one more because I'm always nervous before  asking for someone's number. 

Chaz and Christian laughed and Justin was looking at me trying to guess if i was really going to offer Chaz to someone. I drank a little bit and went to the girl:


-Hello - the girl looked at me trying to recognize me.

-Um,we don't know each other but.. my friend thought you are really cute so .. he wants your number. But he's too shy to ask you.. 

Amy looked back and saw Chaz who was waving at her and blushing like crazy. The girl looked at me,smiled and gave me her number. Then she had to go with her friends and i went back to the boys.

-Guess who has Amy's numbeer?  i said waving the paper where the number was written.

-Thank you so much ! - said Chaz and hugged me.  

-Now you owe her - said Christian and laughed.

-Be careful what you would want as a favor from Chaz - said Justin.

-I don't know yet,but i know what  favor i want from you. - I said and i winked at Justin.

-Ooooooh  maaan. - said Chaz laughing.

-Someone's getting it tonight - said Ryan smiling like he was the one getting laid.

 Justin looked at me trying to see if  i was just teasing him or i was serious. He was just staring at me and then he said:

-Guys we'll be right back.

- Oh daamn! - said Christian laughing like crazy. Ryan and Chaz were just staring at us without blinking. Justin held my hand and whispered:

-Wanna go around,'cause i bet they're staring at us

-Yes- i  nodded and smiled.

Justin went in the house and i was going behind him. He was now in some room upstairs,and we sat on the bed. Justin was looking at me. But his look was different. This time he was checking me out and he seemed really horny. I could tell  that by the way he was staring at me,biting and licking his lips.

-Justin?  - i said looking at him.

He saw i noticed how nervous he was.

-I.. I-i i'm sorry i just.. Justin was trying to apologize..

I kissed him. He was surprised but then   - he got what i wanted from him. I went  on top of him just like the last time and he knew exactly where we were going.His hands were on my legs rubbing them. Then they were on my tights,and i loved this. I started kissing him harder and rubbing on his jeans. He knew that this time was different - this time we were both really horny and this time there was no turning back. No one could say "Stop". I loved the way his breath was fast and deep. I loved the way his hands were pushing me harder to his body. He started kissing my neck.. I started unbuttoning his jeans and he grabbed me. Now he was on top of me... 

His eyes were looking at me and his hands were taking off my dress.I was now only in my bra and panties - the way Justin has never seen me. He was now even more horny and started licking and kissing my whole body. He started from my bra and continued lower. I was loving it and then he was next to my panties. He looked me in the eyes and said really slow and sexy:

-Babe,can i?

I didn't know. I didn't know at all. The alcohol was making me extra horny and Justin was making me really wet. I was just looking at him and couldn't help but node. I trusted on my lust. My panties were on the floor and i started screaming his name. My nails were scratching his back and my body was shaking like crazy..



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