Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


6. The Explaining

10 am. I woke up. Ooooh damn. I just rememebered what happened i had to explain everything to my mum. I hope she doesn't want details and by details i mean making out on the second day after i meet the boy next door.  Ugh. But i'm sorry i can't help it. Lol. He's hot. I started dressing. Put on these:


and got down for breakfast.

My mom was down,watching TV. She heard me going downstairs and turned to me. She said loudly:

- "Well,well well.. "

Morning,mum. - i said and smiled. 

"So i saw you yesterday.. with Justin . " - she started immediately.

-And? - i sat down and started eating cereal. I felt kind of nervous, even tho me and my mom were very close.

"Oh,don't act like you don't know. You both were kissing,and i saw that. What's happening between you? So soon?"

I knew that she was talking about this. Of course she was. But i had to get extra-time for thinking of an explanation. It was weird,meeting  a new person and making out with him the next day,but hey - I was the new girl in town. I finally had the freedom to do whatever I want,without being judged.For now.

-Well mum,look.. Umm..  

Okay.. so act nice,say how nice and cute he is,he's acting this role anyway. She will believe that he's so cute and nice that we will always hold hands and kiss and say cheesy things to each other.. Everything's going to be so pure and natural.. and butterflies and stuff..

- He's so nice. I continued.  Cute,nice,good.. um.. yeah i like him,he likes me. He's not player and i think he's the most awesome boy i've ever met. 

My mom was looking at me.For a long time. A good long stare. It looked like she was trying to figure out if i'm lying and if i have feelings for real.

She finally started talking again.

- Look. I liked him from what I saw at dinner. He is really nice as you said, well-mannered. And his mom is a good person, so probably he took a lot from her. It's okay,it's your business, I just think this is happening too fast.

I looked at her. She was right. She smiled.

"Okay,okay.. Okay. Do what you want i know you're on a age where.." I looked at her again. "Okay,just .. just be careful,okay?" - I was trying so hard to not laugh but answered: 

-Okay mom. - and kissed her on the cheek. 

-So what are the plans for today?

-"I'm out with Pattie. Again. We're going to some kind of a .. market. We don't have nothing to eat for dinner and I still don't know where the market is. Then parks,and furniture shops,maybe. Also,Pattie is going to introduce me to some of her friends. "

-Okay mom. That's cool.

We smiled at each other. Then, I got a text from Justin.

"Morning Beautiful,i saw you're not in your bed ;* lya. Come to my place when our moms go out ;) "

Saw I wasn't in my bed? Strange. It's still strange to know that my boyfriend is the next door and he can even see if I am in my bed or not. I need curtains for sure. Maybe I should tell mom to buy them when she's at the store with Pattie.  I laughed  out loud.

-"From who is it? - my mom asked

-Oh,it's from Justin. By the way.. when are you going out with Pattie?

-Oh I see your planning something,uh? I will just get ready and she will get me with her car. 


aftera  few minutes my mom said "Goodbye" to me and i went to Justin's house.. 

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