Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


17. The date.

On the way back to home i was thinking about a lof of things. About Justin,my mom,this place,the new house.. our future. Justin said Bye,i went to my house to started getting ready for tonight. My hot-ass boyfriend was taking me to a dinner. That was going to be our first date. I went to my closet and i realized i had nothing to wear,so i went shopping with my mom's car. I got in the car and went to the only shopping place i knew - the mall near my  neighbourhood. A hour later (full of slow driving,cause im too afraid,that i could hit random people on the streets with my mom's car, and a lot of searching) i finally found THE Dress lol.

He probably was going to like the dress.. He was a horny boyfriend,but he was MY boyfriend,and i couldn't say no to him. I got back home,put on the dress,a little make up,curled the end of my hair and i was ready for the dinner. The doorbell rang and i opened the door.Justin was looking stunning,as always. He was really handsome and could wear some trash but still look sexy in it. I looked at him and smiled,while he was checking me out.

-WOW. - he said. -You know what? Can we.. like... uh.. skip the dinner part and go to my room instead- he took my hand and pretended to get me out of the house. I started laughing and kissed him. His hands were trying to go directly under my skirt put i didn't let him do this. He laughed and bit his lip. Even hornier than i expected,Justin was really nervous.   I got in his car and he opened the door like a real gentleman. I wanted to  make him feel more comfortable so i sad:

-You know i can do this myself,right? 

-I have to be a gentleman - he smiled.

- Gentleman or not,you're still gettin' it tonight - i laughed and Justin became happy for the whole night and calm.  The place we were going to was really luxury. We ate and talked,everything was perfect. I could catch Justin staring at me while i was  checking the menu. This made me blush. It was pretty cool to know that Justin wanted me as much as i wanted him. Things were going really good when something happened..


I went to the restroom for a minute and while i was there,just thinking about our date,i got a text. It was from Christian. I thought,Justin wasn't answering his phone,but the text was saying otherwise.. 

"I know this is kinda awkward but i like you. 


For a minute i was just staring at the message. I thought Christian was just trying to act flirty,but things were different. It wasn't my falut he fell inlove with me... What if Justin finds out? Wait-what am i saying,he will find out. He has to find out. But not now. I looked at the text for one last time and i went back to our table. Right now i was really hoping,that Chistian was joking or Chaz was doing some kind of a prank. I sat again on the table and smiled at Justin,trying to keep calm as much as I could. A minutes later i got a new text.


"I'm sorry,that was really stupid. Can we forget about this? Don't even reply to this message.



-Who is it? -asked Justin. 

-Um.. just my mom. - i said and i clicked "delete".







New part really soon. Thank you for the comments,thanks to them i see if there's a interest for anoter part. Thank you again. Love you xx

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