Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


29. The biggest gift. ( 18+ chapt)

*Sorry baes, for the loooooooooooong waiting, love you, but I've been busy. I want you to stay excited about this story so I am just gonna say: big, big, plot twist soon and a chapter that is worth for the waiting ;)*


 Justin opened the door of the hotel room and I gasped.
-Oh my Gosh, Justin! This is.. Wow.. 
The room was big. There was a kingsize bed with champagne on the cupboard next to it. Next to that, there was a living room, where I saw a huge window, which  was exposing the beautifull city lights. The view was probably the best in the whole hote, which made me think about how expensive this all was. I felt uncomfortable..
-Justin.. that is so expensive.. so luxurious.
-You like it, right?
-Of course I like it! It is the best thing I've ever seen. The most beautifull view that my eyes have seen. And the most perfect moment I've ever had.

-Well.. than the cost doesn't matter. Nothing is too expensive for you, okay? I can afford it, so I will. Especially when it is for you, babe. Now let's stop talking about it and let's enjoy the moment. 
He got closer to me and my heart pumped loudly, as I was feeling his hands slowly going down on my back. I looked up to find Justin looking at my eyes. My breathing trembled as his lips slowly got closer to me. When they made contact with mine, and his tongue teased me, I swear in that very moment, my heart skipped a beat. I knew this was just a kiss, and I couldn't believe that this was how much I needed to get wet. I felt so weak. He could totaly dominate me, just the way he liked, and my panties right now were the proof for that. But I didn't want to be dominated. I wanted to be the one, who controls the situation. I wanted to be the one, who makes him so hard, that he's begging for some more - a caress, or two. So I decided to play with him. 
I touched gently his neck and he flinched a little. I got closer to his ear.
-Justin, may I ask you a question? - I said, and before he could answer I kissed his neck really slow and teased his skin a little bit with the tip of my tongue.
-Yeaah?? - he said and I heard a difference in his voice. He was starting to shake. I moved away my lips from his neck and whispered once agin in his ear.
-Um.. I was wondering.. If you have any idea how wet I am right now and how many things I will let you do to me tonight? -he started breathing louder and closed his eyes really slow. I continued..
-Like maybe I can taste a little bit of.. yourr... dick? Or maybe you wanna spank that ass? Don't you? - I grabbed his hands and put them on my ass. 
-Alex... -he said still trying to be gentle. But I didn't want him to be that gentle. I liked it when he was acting like a bad boy. Maybe I should et him take control of me. 
-C'moon Justin - I said and begged really slutty. He looked at me and his eyes were thirsty for me.
- I just want you to fuck the shit out of me...  Make me wet babe, talk dirty, make me scream- I said and Justin grabbed my ass and pulled me really close to him. I felt his dick, which was already hard and I started moving up and down, rubbing my genitals towards his. 
-Gosh - he said really quietly.
I knew that he was going to start acting really dirty. And that was my target right now. I wasn't wrong. His hands lifted my dress and spanked my ass. 
-Ahhh -  I screamed - YEaah, that's my boy. That's what I wanted. - this made him even harder and he kept going. 
-SO you want to be spanked? You want to be treated like this? -  I noded like a first grader, who was confessing a mischief.
-Ohh? SO you wouldn't mind that? -
 My body froze as a large hand skimmed down my body, dangerously close to my crotch, but I flinched back before he could touch me. Justin’s eyes never left my face. 
- SO weet, babe, you were so wet. Why didn't you tell me that spanking and dirty talking was making you that wet babe? Why didn't you tell me earlier? - he kept talking in my ear while I was softly moaning.  My body was enjoying the washing going trough my body. His fingers were now getting deeper and I started moaning louder, while Justin was still talking:
So you want me to fuck the shit out of you? Don't worry, I will. Just be carefull, save your voice for later, cause you're going to need it. - and he got his fingers even deeper. I screamed.  Justin kept staring at me while I was trying so hard not to cum, which made him even harder, than before.  I couldn't  fight anymore. The feeling was too good and too powerfull. I needed to lay down.
-Justin.. I will cum soo badd. - he got out his fingers and slapped my butt. 
-Not still. - he said and threw away my dirty panties. I was now just in my bra and dress.  I sat on the big bed.
-Let me help you - he said and really fast undressed me. I was now lying fully naked in front og him. He put his hands between my tights and sepereated them. I was so wet right now. He slowly licked me between my legs, not breaking an eye contact with me which made it feel even better. He was looking at me with lust, while my blood was running crazy in my whole body. The muscles of my belly were now really tensed. Justin licked me soo deep and good, on the whole length of my pussy, grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders. I strated playing with his hair.
-keep going, Justin.. keep going..  - Justin smiled and started licking me faster. I started screaming.  I was now gently pushing his head closer to my pussy so that he could lick every sigle drop and inch of it. His name fell in breathy gasps from my outh as he continued to lick it. My lashes fluttering finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. His thumb gently started moving over my clit, eliciting whimpers from my parted lips.I finally came. Justin looked at me and  smiled. He was now so satisfied from himself. So was I.  But I haven't forgotten my plan. I still wanted to be the one who's dominating. So instead of trying to return the favor, I kept lying on the bed. Justin was no longer on his knees. He was now standing right in front of me. He lifted his eyebrow, in confusion. 
-Don't you wanna have that? -  I asked. I started playing with myself in front of him. Justin knew where I was going. He knew that I was going to act like a little bitch and make him feel unsatisfied. I wanted to mamke him go crazy for my body. I was fingerint myself really good and slow. I was touchin the most sensitive part of my pussy right now, which caused a huge gasp. I started screaming.
-Oh, fuck, Yeah.. Justin, wich you could feel that. Oh my Gosh. FUck yesss.. - Justin made my legs open even wider with his knee.  He wanted to see even more. I was now the one who didn't break eye contact with him. I screamed even more and he started cursing:
-Fuck no, Alex! I can't wait anymore. He removed his belt and took off his clothes. I was still fingering myself and turned around so that he could see my ass. I put my ass up and face fown so and started talking really, really slow:
-Oh, Justin, If you only know how much I wanna feel your dick inside me right now.. Gosh I would die for that feeling... - he couldn't wait anymore and turned me around. 
-You're so gonna pay for that, Alex - he said with deep voice and I laughed. I slowly took off his boxers and looked at his dick. 
-Yum, babe. - I said and he smiled. Justin's hand was now on my thight. His fingers were carefully touching me. He slowly put it inside me. At first, the feeling was strange, but a few seconds later I started moaning.
-Does that feel good? - he asked.
-Mhm, babe. - I said and kept moaning. He started to go even deeper and deeper. He was still looking at me. He started kissing my neck and gently touching my boobs. Now I was screaming. The feeling was so strong I couldn't take it. I was now looking away and screaming. I felt like I can't even control my eyes.
-Alex. Look at me. - He demanded. I tried so hard, and finally looked at him. 
-This is what you get for teasing me - he said and put his dick deeper. 
 Now Justin was quietly moaning, enjoying the pleasure washing through his body
-And that's what you get for making me watch you finger yourself - he pulled out his dick and just when I thought everything was over and I felt no longer.. just than, He put it back in me really slow. The feeling was really good and even stronger than before. I had never had such an intense feeling. Justin’s touch tipping me over the edge, to reveal me in my most euphoric and vulnerable state.  My eyes were closed, his movements were getting harder. My mouth parted to release broken gasps. It felt like heaven.
-Good girl - he said and spanked my ass really hard. 



The next day I woke up in Justin's arms. The beautifull necklace he gave me and his parfume reminded me of what actually happened yesterday. Was that all real? I couldn't believe it. I was laying in my bed for 10 more minutes, so I could just enjoy this perfect moment. This was the moment which seemed so right, and yet so unrealistic. I got up and checked my phone. Since I went out with Justin for  our date, he has been in silent mode. I had missed calls from Kate and mom. I smiled. She kept being so protective. Justin woke up and we went out for a coffee. I thank him for everything he has done for me and then, I diced to go home. I wanted to tell my mom about everything! (almost.. haha) I was so excited. She was going to be so happy about me. That's all she always wanted to happen, right? She wanted to see me happy, she wanted to see me inlove. In my head I made plan about everything. I made a whole imaginary conversation in which I tell her about the lovely date with Justin and the surprises.. and the beautifull view in the big hotel. I was so excited. I was now in front of my house. I got out my keys and opened the door and I froze. I felt frozen inside. I felt pine. I felt like I was about to puke or collapse. There he was, standing in the kitchen. He turned around and smiled at me like nothing was wrong. He was even waiting from our plate, in our house, from my mom's pancakes. And he was so insolent that right now he was looking at me right in the eyes. There he was - my dad.The one who made us move out. The one who left us. 



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