Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


26. soft velvet


Dear readers, this time, I will try a different way of writing. Tell me what you think in the comments! Lots of love, xoxox


I woke up in his arms. 

The soft blanket was gently tickling my skin. Justin's hand was on my waist,he was grabbing me like he never wanted me to leave this bed. But I had to leave. It was 6am and It was a miracle that I woke up without an alarm,because it was a school day. I slowly moved the blanket and got out of his bed. The tip of my toe touched the cold tiles and my body shuddered,it was a cold morning. Then, I noticed - the only thing I was wearing was my black panties. I tried to cover  myself,but then again, I felt stupid. Why did I try to cover,when Justin has already seen every inch of my body? I guess I wasn't used to this closeness. I stood up and looked at Justin. He looked even more adorable when he was sleeping. He probably felt that I wasn't next to him,so he turned on his other side and started cuddling with the pillow. I smiled at him. He was perfect. And again, mine. This time,everything should stay the same. And I will give the best of me,to keep him forever.
I looked around his room and I saw our clothes on the ground. On the floor were laying my skirt and my shirt,along with my shoes. Justin's jeans were on the floor too, but I found it hard to find his sweatShirt. After a short research, I found it. The sweatshirt was hanging on his desk and I tried not to giggle. I grabbed it and put it on.

At this point,I've forgotten that Pattie was also living there,that Justin was not 21. I sneaked out his room and looked around and got in the kitchen. I saw on the table some money left for Justin and then felt really dumb. What if Pattie saw me walking around in her house in Justin's sweatshirt and my panties? 
-You are so stupid Alex,really,really stupid!! - I said to myself.
I got some eggs from the fridge and allowed myself to make pancakes for Justin. I was somewhere in the middle of the cooking, when I felt a hand on my ass. His hand squeezed my ass really gently. Then, he grabbed the fabric of my underwear and kinda pulled it back, making me go a step behind. He grabbed my waist and made me feel his body as much as I can. I was so close to him that I could feel his boner in my ass.
-Morning beautifull - he said and slipped his hand under my panties ,suqeezing my ass once again,but this time he grabbed me harder. A soft moan instead an answer to his greeting escaped from my mouth. 

-That's right - he whispered in my ear and his hand moved. This time it was in the front,under my panties once again. He started rubbing me. I leaned back and rest my head on his shoulder. He pushed his fingers deeper and I started screaming. I was trying to escape from this, I didn't want to come right there in the middle of the kitchen. I tried to move my hands and make him stop,but Justin grabbed them with his free hand. I started screaming even louder and I started breathing harder. I was going to cum,and Justin knew that.. He released my hands and kept rubbing. With his other hand he put down my underwear. I saw Justin's hand doing the best that it can and my panties going on the floor. I started screaming his name.
-Justin.. fuck.. Justin I will cumm.. I will cum soo ... sooo bad. 
His hands started going even deeper and rubbed me faster.. and faster.. and then, I came. I came soo good. I came all over his hands. He got out his fingers and looked at them. They were really wet.
-Good girl - he said and slapped my butt so hard that it turned red.


So what do you think? :) Share your opinion with me in the comments! Thanks for reading,hotties ;3

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