Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


4. Outside with Ryan and Chaz

I woke up at 10 am. it was pretty crazy. Waking up in a whole new place,in the blessed LA In frickin' new house in a whole, only mine ,room. It was like crazy. It was one of this rare mornings for me  that i wake up and just.. smile.

I went downstairs  with my pj on. Mom was there cooking pancakes. 

-Daaamn pancakes and the perfect mom in one room.  I already love you,LA!

My mom laughed and kissed me on the cheek.

-Morning Sunshine - she said. What are your plans for today?

and then i remembered that i was with Justin.. Memories from last night and his sexy messages popped in. Wow! He sure knows how to treat a girl..

-Well mum,me and Justin were talking,and he wants me to come with him today ,so he can show me the neighbourhood. 

My mum looked at me and smiled.

-Okay honey,that's great. You made friends in here,that's good. Me and Pattie are going to the Mall,because i need some new clothes,okay?

-Okay mom,that's great.

Then i heard a car outside beep-ing

-Ow,that's Pattie,gotta go. You're gonna be alright alone, right? I am sure you will Bye ! love you ! - she rushed out. My mom was very excited for her first new friend from LA. She  needed a change, so I was happy for her. 

She left the last pancakes on the table,in front me. Grabbed her purse,and went out.I turned on the TV and watched something while i was eating the epic pancakes. Then i got txt mssg from Justin saying: "Sexy,i will get you from your place in one hour,get ready." i smiled. He was kind. I got upstairs and get dressed. I was wondering what the hell i should wear and ended up with this:

-ring ring- 

Justin was outside,just in time.

"Comiiiiiiiiiing" i screamed. And then.. i remembered again that he has dirty mind.

"Yes babyyy" he screamed back and we both laughed. I opened the door and he checked me out again.

-Hot as always" he said.

-Flirty as always" i replied.

-You're ready? You're gonna meet my  friends,are you're okay with this?"

-Okay.. at least if they aren't flirty as you are.  -we laughed. At this point I was glad that Justin was showing me his attraction, but also scared, because maybe he was acting like this with every other girl. I said to myself to think positive and just enjoy feeling special around him. He walked through many streets and we finally were in some basketball pitch. Cool I said and he noded. They were two guys out there waiting for Justin and waving at him.  The one was almost as tall as Justin and the other one was shorter then him. I heard the one of them saying "DAAAAAMN" pointing at me.I laughed.

-So this is Ryan. This is Chaz. Ryan,Chaz, meet Alex. She's my new neighbour ;)

Now i knew who Pattie was talking about in Justin's house. I suppose they're close.

-Hi. - i said,while shaking hands with them.

Chaz seemed really cute,and maybe even shy but Ryan was looking at me differently. Chaz showed me where they were about to play. Meanwhile while I was walking around with Chaz, he was talking about something, but i was focused on the conversation between Ryan and Justin, who were whispering.

Ryan: Daaamn,Justin that's a hot piece. I know you said she was fine, but I wasn't expecting this.. haha.

Justin: Ryan, stop it! . - and they both laughed.

- Ryan: But look.. wow.And that asss.. hahaha

And then Justin pushed Ryan. They both laughed and I was so red right now, that I was glad they thought I wasn't hearing them. 

-Soo California,have you played basketball before -Ryan asked me.  "California" - clearly Justin told him a lot about me.

-Yes I did. - and I really did. Back In school. But i was still pretty good. 

-Show me what ya got. 

I played with Ryan for a while and i was playing real' good for a girl.Ryan said that too. 

Suddenly Ryan and Chaz had to "go  buy drinks because they were thirsty". So me and Justin were just standing there alone. Of course, It was all on purpose. I wouldn't be surprised if Justin had suggested this.But I  can't deny that he was really hot and I was glad we were alone right now. I looked at him secretly, when he was looking away, but he turned around and looked right into my eyes. We were both looking at each other  and while i was looking at his lips i felt..thirsty... that other thirst that you get while staring at someone lips. That other thirst that burns your lips and makes you go closer and closer to the other person.. 


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