Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


14. Ohmygosh

Thank you guys for reading. At first there was no interest,but last days I saw a lot new comments,so i thought i will make another part. Love you guys.

Oh my fuckin Gosh. I just .. i was just.. oh my fuckin' Gosh. I could not think normally. I could not believe either. I went so, so far with Justin. Now we were laying on the bed. He was next to me only in his boxers,staring at the ceiling, and i looked at him. He caught me staring and looked at me back. We were just looking at each other when he finally saw my wide open eyes and said:

-What? - he even giggled a little bit. What do i say now? What do i say?  I was staring at his body. Damn he had abs,he was looking so good. How did i have so much luck with him?

-OH. MY. GOSH. - i said for like a hundred time,but finally out loud.
-What? - he asked again,laughing. 
-I am.. You.. and I .. We.  Oh my Gosh how did i get the chance to be with you?  I mean you  are so hot and i don't even ge- i guess he didn't care anymore  about what i was going to say cause he got closer to me and kissed me. One gentle little kiss and all my confusion was over. He smiled. And i could not help but smile too. He made me so happy in a way i can't explain.

-Look babe, - he started,and i smiled because i loved the way he said "baby" - i don't get either how i am with you. I don't even get why you think it's strange for me to like you. Look at you. You are looking great. I like you.. I really do. 

I smiled. And then i started thinking about what happened last night. Oh.. But now the party was over,we were in some room upstairs at Christian's place and my mom was probably wondering what happened and why i wasn't in my bed this morning. I grabbed my phone and saw a few texts from her. One from last night - "where are you?". Another one from last night - "are you coming over ?" And another one - "I guess you are staying there." Finally the last one was: "Justin told me,it's okay u"
Thank God it was Justin. But wait..

-Justin ? - i said. He looked at me with his big brown eyes.

-Yes? he smiled.

-How did you know i was staying with you this night? 

- I know some things baby. - he said smirking,and i started wondering why i asked him this? He was so hot,it was totaly normal to know,that i can't say " NO" to him. Soon he started changing,and i dressed too. We got downstairs and the luck was with me. Only Christian was in the kitchen,i didn't want to see Justin's ex - Caitlin. I was sure she knew what happened,and i felt awkward. I mean this was one of her rooms.. 

-Ooooooooooh here's the beast. - i heard Christian screaming at Justin. And they both started laughing. Then,Christian saw me and felt awkward so he apologized. 

-It's okay.  - that's the only thing i could say. But i also felt uncomfortably,so i told Justin was going home.

-No,no guys eat some breakfast first. C'mon don't leave me - said Christian. 

-Look,Chris i'm gonna go,but you can stay with Justin,right? - Justin looked at me and said:
-No,no,i'm not staying without you. Cmon we're gonna get breakfast. And you don't know the way to your home,do you? 

-Justin,i started drinking after that.- i said laughing 

-Okay,are you sure? 
- I am.

Justin came next to me and kissed me.

-I love you sexy. - he whispered in my ear and i kissed his neck really fast,because i knew this was turning him on. He looked at me with eyes full of lust and i laughed while Christian was talking behind us:

- Oh c'mon guys not again. The music was pretty loud,but everytime i walked past your door, i  could hear loud screams .. 

-Sorry man,I'm just good. - said Justin laughing and i pretended to hit him.

I left the house.


**Justin's POV***

As soon as she left Christian looked at me. God,i knew this look,he was so curious and now he was going to ask me about everything from last night.Before he could even ask i said:


-What? - he asked

-I know what ya going to ask me. No. 

-Oh C'mon Justin. I'm like your lil bro. You have to tell me. C'mooon. I heard her screaming,i guess it wasn't bad at all. But just..

-Man that's my girlfriend,i can't just tell you these kind of things. - i saw Christian looking at me,still filled with joy and hope. But i was serious and i didn't tell anything. We ate breakfast and watched some show on the TV. He asked me for something and i went to get it,when i heard him saying really really slow:
-Oh. My. Fuckin. Gosh. No. hahahahhahaha - and he'started laughing so hard.


But Christian was still laughing.

-What? i asked again. What happened? I looked at the TV - it was on some music channel,so that was def not the reason.

-Man- he said - now you HAVE to tell me what happened last night - pointing at my back. DAMN. Why do i always wear shirts which show half of my body when i move around the  stupid house? I guess my back was showing,cause Christian saw the "scars" from last night,when my gf was scratching my back.

-Fuck. - i said.

-So,what's the secret? - Said Christian still laughing.


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