Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


27. normal day

After the really hot scene, that we had with Justin in the kitchen, my mind was absolutely on a different planet. I had to take a shower and prepare really fast for school. When I was ready, Justin was already in the kitchen.
-How is my beautifull princess? - he said.
-After the way we started this morning, I could say that I am feeling really,really good. - Justin smiled at me, and I got closer to him. I put my finger on his lips,kissed his neck and whisperd really,really quietly:
-But there will be a revenge.
-Why babe, didn't you like it? - Justin asked.
- I did, but you left me alone..and I wanted more. -I said and Justin kissed me passionatley. 
-Now let's go - I said and took Justin's hand. We left the house and went to school. The first class was Math, and I felt really bad,because Justin wasn't with me. The next class I saw Justin,because it was Geography. We sat together and most of the class we weren't listening,because Justin was trying to lift my skirt up and I was gigling like a stupid firstgrader. We were acting really dumb,when the teacher started screaming;
-Alex, Justin - I think you can share with us what's so funny? - the teacher said and we started laughing even more. Justin finally answered her:

-No miss, I am sorry, I am afraid we can't share with you what's happening... - I started laughing even more and the teacher made us leave the class. We went out with Justin, sat in the School's hall and started talking..and then,after the sweet talk we had, I realised how miserable my life was before Justin. I could say that I had nothing. With him I felt really strong and secure. Since I met him, every morning I had  a reason to wake up and smile to the world, I didn't feel depressed, I haven't cried for months. I was blessed with him, and he was the greatest present I've ever recieved.

Before the last class I was searching for my classroom. Once again, I was wast in the school halls. I was really late, so I decided to ask someone. I stopped one girl.
-I am sorry, I am lost, um can you tell me where I can find - I didn't even finish when the girl just laughed at me and said: "Yeah right, you fuckin slut". 
I was shocked. I looked at her, while she was walking away. The girl next to her was Caitlin. This explained a lot. I felt bad. Not,because she called me slut. I felt bad, because people didn't like me, just because of Caitlin and Christian.

After school. Justin walked with me to home. He kissed me and said:
-Be ready for tomorrow, princess! It's going to be a lifetime expirence, trust me.. - and left. I didn't get what he was talking about, I didn't have the time to ask him. I got back home and sat on the table. I spent the rest of the day at home, pretending to study, cleaning the house and surfing in the Internet.  I was about to go to bed when I looked on my phone. 4 of May. Tomorrow was my Birthday.

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