Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


18. Long night 16+++

Two hours later, I and Justin were eating our dinner. I love Justin but right now my mind was far away from this restaurant. I felt bad about Christian,he was a good boy. He deserved a girlfriend,but this girl wasn't me. At all. For many,many reasons. My thoughts stopped and the sadness disappeared as soon as i felt Justin's hand on my leg. I looked under the table. Justin's hands were rubing my thights expanding the warm area on my skin with a inch within a second. My body gently relaxed cause of the touch. My mind was saying no,but the passion was  stronger. I looked at Justin's eyes and i could see the lust. It was like a soft flame in his deep brown eyes. Following the movement of his lips i recognized that he almost whispered the word "Please". I knew excatly what he begged for,but i  wanted to tease him. I wanted to hear it from his soft lips.
- What baby? - i slowly asked.
He got closed to me and said really silent:
- You don't know? - he stopped and looked me in the eyes. I smirked.  He knew that he had to tell me excatly what he wanted. Justin smiled and said - Let me show you than. Let's go.
He payed the bill,we got in the car and as soon as he opened the door things started to get serious. He made me sit in the backseat and pulled my dress up. My nude skin was feeling the leather seat. He got on top of me. My arms wrapped around his neck. We started making out. We couldn't stop kissing for a few minutes. I finally moved my lips away from his,but the only reason i did it,was because i placed them on his neck. His loud moan let me know that i hit a sensitive spot. I kept sucking. Justin's moans were getting louder. The spot was getting blue,then red and finally purple. I left the smooch which now looked like  a soft mark on his neck. I pulled over and his brown eyes were looking at me. He was asking for more.

-Enough. - i said and Justin noded. He knew we shouldn't continue this in his car. That was a bad idea. He opened the door and i sat on the front seat next to him. 

-To my house? - His cheecks were now bright red. He was so ashamed to look at me,because he couldn't resist himself and started the "game" in the freakin car. I smiled. 

-Yeah Justin. To your house. - i smiled and kissed  him on the cheek. While he was driving,i noticed how hot he was looking with his hands on the wheel. His hair was in some crazy but pretty position,cause of the wind. The purple spot on his neck was big. 

- Justin? Um.. What if we aren't alone. - he looked at me confused. - I mean.. Pattie?

-Oh - he laughed - it's okay baby,tonight she's in your house with your mom. 

-Wait what? - i asked. Now i was confused. What the hell  did he told her? Like "Hey mom. Tonight i'm going to fuck  Alex.. wanna go in her house? We're gonna need the bedroom."  I felt ashamed only thinking about this kind of conversation. My cheeks were almost burning.  Justin noticed this and said:

-Don't worry,it was her idea. She said she was going to your house tonight,before i told her for our date.

-Thank God! - i said to myself and smiled. I felt better. I was no longer feeling uncomfortable. Justin parked the car and we got in his house. We went straight to his bedroom. As soon as the door slammed,Justin pushed me to the wall and started kissing me. It was so soft and sweet.

-I think you deserve one too - said he,in between the kisses and i felt his warm tongue  on my neck. Then i pulled over. His thumb was stroking my cheek as he stared at me. A second later Justin had taken my weight, hoisting me up as my legs wrapped around his waist. The expanse of his hands cupped my ass, squeezing.I whimpered, gripping his nape and digging my nails into his tanned skin to coax a throaty moan from Justin’s mouth.He had me pressed up against the front door, dominating me as I whispered his name in vulnerability.

- J-Justin- i said breathlessly. He knew i needed something under my legs.. i needed a bed. Justin grabed my hand and made me sit on his bed. I layed down on the soft covers.My heels fell down on the floor. Justin did the same,he hastily kicked off his supras.Now he was standing up,next to the bed,between my legs. We were just staring at each other,both really horny. And every second of slilence in the room was making us even hornier. Every second was making me want Justin's body more and more. This was it. I couldn't stay like this anymore. I grabbed the end of his T-shirt ;

-Take it off. - i said looking him in the eyes.This was excatly what Justin was waiting for. He immediately took off the tshirt and throw it away somewhere in the room. His hands moved fast on his jeans,playing with the zip. I got closer to him, stopped him and took his hands in mine. 

-Let me help you. - I said and i saw Justin's grin. I unzipped his jeans . He threw them away,just like the tshirt. 

-My turn- siad Justin and took of my dress. The soft fabric slided up my body and became part of the clothes on the floor. Justin started at my body for a few seconds and the thing in his boxers got bigger. He wasn't satisfied  so he reached for my bra,but i stopped him. He was confused, I laughed and said:

-Let me help you first. - i took his hand and made him sit on the bed. I got on top of him. His boxers and legs were under me,between my thights . His hands went on my ass,and grabbed it.

- mmm baby - i said. He started playing with my ass,suqeezing it and rubbing it.

-Tell me what you wanna do to me? Please? - i started to beg. Justin looked at me and smirked.

While he was talking,i started doing lots of dirty things to him..

-Umm.. i was thinking about.. um.. eating you out maybee?. - he said. I was now down on his tummy kissing his skin. 

- Details baby,details! - i said and continued kissing his body.

-Well i was thinking about.. rubbing you,so you can feel me better. -said Justin slowly with his hot voice 

- Mhm - i said in between kisses.

-And maybe teasing you.. rubbing your sweet body into my boxers. Making you wet.. but not letting you remove my boxers. - i started to get turned on so i went a little lower on his tummy. Justin got it immediately - the dirtier he talked,the lower i was going. So he continued talking more and more. Justin started teasing me.

-You know what Alex? Wanna feel the fabric of my boxers between your legs? - i got down,to his boxers. 

-You want? Hmm.. wanna feel it? But i wont let you touch anywhere,baby. You-You're gonna ride it reaal' slow and hard but won't touch,okayy? - he voice started trembling,because now i removed his boxers.  I started sucking really slow and now Justin had  to talk more and more if he wanted to make me do it faster. His Moans could be heard as I swirled my tongue round, lubricating the length. 

-Umm.. oh my Gosh. - said Justin breathlessly.- Oh my Gosh Alex i want you on top of me right now.. . i want you to do it faster.Please. Faster. And when you're about to come,i won't let you baby... i'm gonna slap you really hard and make you wait. I will make you wait for premission to come.. - he couldn't talk any longer. His left hand was now on my head,pulling back my hair . It hurted,but i loved it. His other hand was going under my panties,rubbing my wet pussy. I was so wet right now. I was sucking his dick and thinking about the things he said. His fingers got into me and went so deep. I couldn’t control the whimpers leaving my lips.His tips met a point I never knew existed. The pleasure I felt was far beyond anything I could imagine.I couldn't focus on his dick anymore. I stopped sucking. Justin was disappointed but kept fingering me. A minute later i couldn't wait any longer and i came. We were both breathing really heavy.

-It's my turn baby - he said and removed my bra. Justin was looking at my boobs.
-Gooosh - said he , complaining like a little kid,who wants a lollipop so bad,but can't afford one.

He made me lay down and sat on top of me. He removed my panties and threw them away. I felt so horny. The feeling was wonderfull. I was on Justin's bed,he was on top of me,my panties were now on the floor and he was about to make me feel so damn good.

-Cmon baby im so horny - i said and Justin smiled. He was feeling soo good hearing me beging for his body. A small gasp escaped my lips as I felt him inside me. He started slowly and i started moaning softly. It was so perfect. The movement of his body. Everything. The feeling was geting better and my vision flickered. Then Justin started doing it faster and faster. My nails scratching his back and i started screaming. It was too much. I could hear Justin's voice:

-You like it,baby? You like it?

I kept screaming. Justin's body was looking amazing. His face was full of lust. His loud moans were making me really horny. I could hear my name and tons of dirty things he wanted to do to me.

-Yes . Fuck me Justin - and then i came. Hearing his name, made Justin even hornier. Feeling me coming made him so hard and made him go even deeper.Minute later,Justin came too. We did something amazing. Something i couldn't believe that can be that good. We just layed there,on his bed,staring at the ceiling.

-Damn. - i said still breathing fast.

-i love doing this with you baby. - siad Justin and we both laughed.



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