Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


24. Justin

Justin's lips were warm and soft. His hands were arond my waist. My left hand was in his hair,my right hand was around his neck,which I was passionately and slowly kissing.

My wonderfull dream about Justin and me,back then when we were together,was interruped by the alarm. It was now Tuesday and I had to get ready. I put on a dress and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. It was one of those days when you feel pretty no matter what. This was the dress I always wanted to wear,but didn't have time for. I put on some vans to make it look not so formal and went downstairs. My mom've already left the house,so I turned on the TV and made myself a bowl of cereal. Soon, I got a text msg from Kate. "I will get you from ur place in 40 minutes,get ready." I smiled. I watched a show and when it was time, i left. I waited a few minutes when I saw a really expensive model of Mercedes in front of my house. I could not believe when I saw Kate driving it. I knew,that I was in a luxury neihborrhood,but Kate's family definetley had lots of money. 

-Get in,looser - said she,quoting "Mean girls" and I laughed. 

-What's that Kate??? - i said looking at the expensive leather upholstery.

-Close your mouth,Alex! - said she laughing.- It's my dad's but soon It will be mine,because I am daddy's girl.. you know. Hahahah. Sometimes I can take it for a ride,but only when my dad is in good mood. - said she,like it was not a big deal,so i guess that was something normal for her.

- It's aaawesome. - I said. Soon we were in the school's parking. I said Bye to Kate and got in class. The day was pretty normal,I met new teachers,and even a few kids said "hi" to me and introduced themselves. The big thing happened in Geography. I got in the room first,because I've learned my lesson from yesteday,when I was late for almost every class. I waited for the other students to fill the room,and they seemed nice. I felt really good because they all knew my name and said hello,but I was insecure that maybe they knew my name for another reason.. Nevermind, I had to move from the place I was sitting on,because it was taken from a girl,but she showed me the only free place in the room. It was the last table in the back of the room. I sat there waiting for the teacher. I got bored because I was in the room way too early,so I started texting Kate. 

- "Hey,what's your next class?"

I was staring at my phone when the room became really quiet. I could almost feel the awkwardness in the air and maybe if I reached out I could even touch it.  I looked up and started searching for a clue of what was happening. Then, I saw him.

He was perfect like always. His hair was lifted,and seemed different from before. His clothes were completing his perfectness,making him look even hotter. Seeing Justin felt like someone stabbed you right in the heart. Good think i was sitting on my chair,because my legs went weak. My heart started racing. He was just standing there next to the door just looking at me. The whole class knew about what happened. A few seconds later they all started talking normaly. Justin walked in the classrom and sat on his place and the teacher walked in after him. She started teaching. Justin was sitting in front of me. And i couldn't stop looking at him. The closer to him I was,the more it hurt. I got text from Kate saying "gym". I texted her back:

"I'm in Geography,Justin's here. I think I'm gonna break down". At the moment I typed in this,tears started falling from my eyes. I felt so bad,I felt lost. I was just sitting on my table and crying.. and crying.. and sobbing.  I lost him. I got up,grabbed my phone and went to the teacher. "I'm coming." - I got a text from Kate.

-I am sorry Mrs,can I go to the bathroom? - I said. She was about to say No,but then she looked at me and saw that I was crying.
-Yeah,yeah.. go. - said she and I went out really fast. I leaned against the wall and slumped to the floor. I covered my eyes with my hands and began to sob. I felt like the Earth stopped spinning. Like I was in my own world now. I need him so bad. I never knew I will feel this way for a guy. I never thought I will cry for a guy so bad. I thought I was strong,but I wasn't. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

- Kate,I can't take it anymore,my feelings are too strong. I can't look at him because I shudder. I miss him and.. I need him. I need him so bad. Kate I.. - I looked up,but I wasn't talking to Kate. It was Justin. Justin was looking at me. I probably didn't hear the door when it opened. His eyes were watery. He sat on the floor next to me. 

-I miss you too,Alex. - said he. I thought I was dreaming. Hearing his soft voice felt like a miracle. He was looking at me with his beautifull brown eyes.
-Justin,Justin I didn't do it. It's not my fault I swear.. I swear in my mother's life. I - I didn't do it,Caitlin made me go out with Christian,because he was inlove with me,either way she would tell you that It's my fault. But it's not I..

-Alex, I always thought that you didn't do it. I always thought that there was some other explanation of what happened between you and Christian. But I didn't think that Caitlin will ever lie to me.

-But why did you fuck her,Justin? Why did you do that to me? Why? Do I deserve this? YOU ARE MY FIRST LOVE, FOR GOD'S SAKE - i started talking louder and crying even more. Justin looked confused and he reached out for my hand. 

Then,Kate came next to me and hugged me.
-Don't touch her you little fuck,I swear I will beat the shit out of you if you.. - I begged Kate to stop and told her I want to leave. She grabbed me and we went out the school. I could hear Justin screaming my name after me. I was now with Kate and we went in the coffe,which she told me about.

-I am sorry It took so long but i had to sneak out the gymnasium. What happened?

-Well I told him it's not my fault, and started screaming at him because he slept with Caitlin.

-Wait,what? He fucked his EX? To get a "revenge" for a kiss? What the hell is wrong with this little shit,I'm gonna have to kill him!! Wait but how do you know for sure?
-Believe me,I know.

-How? - said she.

I didn't say anything. The way I found out was so disgusting that I didn't want to talk about it,but I had.. She was really protective and a great friend, I had to  start sharing things with her.
-C'mon Alex..

-Caitlin sent me a photo. - Kate stood silent. A minute later,after she took a sip of her coffe,Kate had the courage the ask me.
-What photo..
-In the bed together,that's all. - I said,and Kate  changed the subject.

We skipped the class and I felt really bad for Justin,but he was still responsible about what happened between Caitlin and him. The rest of the day was hard for me. I got a lot of missed calls from Justin. I didn't want to talk with him,It was enough drama for today. Kate made everything funnier and better. I got home with the wonderfull car and  I went to bed. I needed a rest.

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