Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


1. How it all started

I was feeling irritated. My mom was making me do things, that I clearly didn't want to do.
-So you're  telling me about this Bieber kid because..? - I asked, annoyed. Mom gave me the shut-up look. 

-Because he looks like a really nice boy. Plus - he is the neighbour and you should meet him, now or later.

-No, i still don't care.

Now mom was looking at me with the "bad" look (God,  i hate this look) and said with a strict tone:

-You go now,or else.  

Gosh, i hate it when she acts like this. I hate arguing with her. I just can't say "no" to my mom. She's the only person I'm close to,especially at this moment. I heard her soft voice,way calmer than before:

-Look,honey,we need to make friends. We just moved in,how do you expect us to survive in here,when we don't know anyone? Look at us - we don't even know where the nearest supermarket is! Now go, try to meet his parents,and tell them that it's going to be really nice if we have dinner together. Okay?

 I knew she was right. It was stupid of me to hide. I didn't want to be shy forever. We were just neighbours, right? But what if that boy isn't nice,my mum can't figure out much from first impression. Maybe he would act like a full asshole.. Anyway, I had to do it so I walked out of the house.Our house.Wow. It was big, I can't deny, I  even started liking it. Actually,everything was better than our last apartament. Flashbacks started hitting me. I remembered about dad. I miss him. It was hard growing up without a dad. He died when I was young.My mum thinks that i don't remember much,but I remember it terribly good and detailed...
 Now focus Alex,focus ! You need to think about good things. Be positive! Positive! And suddenly I couldn't help but wonder how does the boy next door look like.I got curious. Maybe he was younger then me, had black hair? Or was blonde? Tall,short,average? One last step and there was it - the big brown door.

 I rang on the bell. So many thoughts were running through my mind right now. What if things were going to get worse than before? Maybe the anxiety hit me? I had to interrupt the negative thoughts with an action. I rang again. And finally some kid opened the door.

"Just a kid. He's a teenager just like me. " I said to  myself to calm myself down  and then wow..- he was a good looking guy,taller than me,brown eyes,brown hair. I looked at him for a few more seconds /from head to toe haha/ and I guess he saw me checking him out,because he was now smiling.I felt so awkward so I laughed nervously and  finally we started a conversation.

- Ummm.. Hi ! - I felt uncomfortable,again. Really? "Hi?" You sound like a little girl,who's meeting new kids in the kindergarten. My thoughts were interrupted by a pretty attractive voice. 

-Hello - he said looking at me a little confused.

Then I saw him looking somewhere behind me. I turned around - it was my mum unpacking things in the yard.

 -Oh, this is my mum,we've just moved in.

  -Oh I see. Umm.. Welcome, I guess?

 -Um,yeah,thanks - I could literally feel waterfall going down on my body,I was too shy,probably because I was talking with the hottest boy I've ever seen. - So.. Iwanted to meet the neighbours,you know..I'm Alex. Nice to meet you!

- Justin. Nice to meet you too.  We wеrе shaking hands and i swear,I think i may have blushed a little bit. LOL,such a "huge" physical contact,right? I have some issues when it comes to talking with handsome boys. Hahaha.

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