Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


3. Dinner with Justin

  Perfect balance i thought to myself and smiled again.   

  -Why are you smiling?  - Justin asked me.

-Um i was just .. thinking. So you are coming tonight,aren't you?

I was changing the subject with success haha

 -Of course i am,cutie. -he said and laughed.

 -Oooh so now i'm "cutie". We both laughed. This boy was making steps too fast. We were in front of my house now.   -So till dinner. :)
-Till dinner Justin.  

I couldn't believe myself. I thought the full opposite about him. I thought he will be younger,stupid,and bad-looking.. And now he calls me "cutie" haha.  I came in the house and my mom was in her room which was,by the way, almost perfectly looking .

 -You did this for a few minutes? WOW 

-So what happened ? Are they coming?

  -Yes they are mom. I met Justin - the boy next door and his mom- Pattie. They seem very nice. They are coming this evening to have diner with us.  -  My mum smiled.

  -See? It wasn't that bad. Now we need to be fast so we can get ready in time. But first - let me show you something. She took my hand and took me to some room. It was my room. Light purple room with only a cute bed in it .

-You will start the house make-over from here.It's yours.

 It was just so perfect for me. I loved the color,i loved the bed,i loved the house ..  and now my own room. 

-C-c-can i do.. whatever i want?

-Of course you can. - said my mum and hugged me.

  -Thank you. Just..  Thank you !  - I felt blessed.

  For dinner night we were ready with the whole house. We had only to fill the rooms with out stuff. Mine was pretty cute,with lights all over the  walls,my laptop and books everywhere and a wall with photos of me,my family and my old friends. I did miss them,but i had to move.        


-Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeex ! -

Yes mooom?

-Come down,dinner is ready,neighbours are here.

  -Coming mooom.    I put my high heels really fast and came down. I was dressed with that:

I wanted to impress the hot neighbour,because when we met i was looking like a mess.

"Neighbours" wow. i came down as fast as i could.Justin and Pattie were down waiting for me with my mom who was too excited for this dinner.

-Hi Alex - said Pattie

-Hello ! I'm glad you came !

-Of course,it's a pleasure for us.- said Pattie

My mom smiled and started talking with Pattie about how happy she is right now. We got to the table. Justin was walking with me after our moms.
He looked at me and whispered "You're hot" I blushed and whispered back "you too". He laughed.   We sat on the table and started eating. Justin was next to me,because my mom and Pattie obivously didn't give a f*** about the house,they were just talking,and talking,and talking. I was so bored at some point and just ate my dinner in silence. And then someone hit me under the table. I looked at Justin who was grinning at me. 


 -Give me your number - he said still grinning while holding his phone in front of me.

I got his phone and typed in my number,and saved it with the name "cutie".

-Thanks he said.

After a few seconds,Justin figured out why I was smiling like an idiot and  asked me how I saved my number.

-You will recognize me,don't worry. - I answered and returned him the wink from earlier.He laughed.

-Soo you are from?-Justin asked me at the middle of the dinner


-Aww that's so cool. And I was wondering why you are so hot.. 

-Stop it. -  i said. He sure know how to compliment.

 -Whyy? he teased me.

-You make me blush.-  We both laughed.  

-You are hot too if we're being honest.  -Justin blushed.

-ooooh so who's the blushing one now? Ahh?

  I started laughing and he blushed even more. 


Soon the dinner was over and we had to say "Goodbye" to Justin and Pattie

My mom was talking about how cool  it was,and what awesome person is Pattie. And how me and Justin should be really good friends and respect my mom and Pattie's friendship.  Later when we were ready  i was in my bed going to sleep when i got a message.

It said: "Hey cutie,I did find you really easy. You were really hot tonight,did i mention this ;) ?"

I laughed while staring at my phone's screen. It was obviously Justin,so i added his number.

"Yes,you did ;D. " a few seconds later i got a text again. 

"You want me to take you around,so you can see your new home? C'mon it will be fun :)" I thought about it.. and why not.

As my mum said- i don't know even the nearest supermarket.

"Yes,that's really nice idea. I'm coming" and the next mssg was ..

  "Yess.. you're coming. Just how i wanted ;) ." i laughed. 

"Justin,stop it,you are too dirty minded :D"   sure he was.

But he replied with:
 "I'm sorry babe,but i'm 17 and it's midnight. I should think about this kind of things,shouldn't i? ;) haha JK.  You're just affecting me like this. Good-night,cutie." i laughed again.

17,ahh? super. I was 16 and he is 17,just perfect haha.

"Thank God he's not younger than me" I said to myself.

"Good - Night Justin"  I went to sleep.






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