Bieber's girlfriend

Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


15. Crazy talk.

Sorry guys for not writing new chapters for a really long time,but i promise it would be worth it!! 2 new chapters,and the 3rd will be published really soon! LOVE YOU THANKS FOR READING


I got home and my mom was there. I went to the kitchen and i saw her cooking something. She heard me walking around the kitchen  and she turned around:

-Oh there you are. How was last night?- she smiled at me and hugged me warmly. 

-Hey. Um it was pretty good thank you! I had lots of fun - i said. Fun was not a correct word. I had AWESOME time with Justin and didn't know much about the party. So i had to pretend like it was cool and i made new friends,right?

-You start to like it in here? - mom asked me.

-Yes. It's the best place ever. - and of course it was. Every place with Justin was wonderful.

-I'm glad you started liking it so fast. 

We talked for a while,and i looked at my phone. I got a txt from Justin.

"Babe,Christian is more than curious,but I'm not gonna say a thing,i promise haha xx"

Oh God,of course.I should have predicted this.But i knew Justin was not fuck-and-tell hahaha. I decided to send a message to Christian,cause i knew Justin would read it too. 


"Chris,i swear you can't do it like Justin. No matter what he tells you/teaches you. Stop trying lol. xox"  and laughed. In a minute Chris replied.

"Ooooh. That's because im better than him hahaha xox. Justin should be aware of my sexiness and skills.I may steal his gf. Im that good."

I started laughing,cause obviously Christian was just joking but i got immediately text from Justin,in his defense:

"Baby he's bluffing. He's still a noob." 

I started laughing. Gosh,i loved these boys. Justin was the perfect boyfriend, Christian was so funny and nice. I loved this place. Something interrupted my beautiful thoughts about the perfect life i had. Oh,right - it was my mom's voice:

-Alex.. look. I really hope you like this place,and you aren't saying it just to make me feel better.But i love it  - i made a good friend, Justin's mom is a wonderful person. I like the house - its big,next to  nice neighbours. The stores are nearby. The school is really close..  - she was going to countinue but i stopped her.

-Mom,im not pretending to like it. I really do. And to be honest,the main reason is Justin. - i blushed while saying this. My mom smiled. I could see she was happy to hear this.  She hugged me.

-Okay. I'm really happy now. Tonight im going out with Pattie,she's going to meet me with some of her friends,so right now im gonna get ready and go shopping with her. 

-Okay. - i smiled. At least the house was mine now. haha

When she got ready and said bye i texted Justin again: "Im alone.Come over." While waiting for him,i put on some make up again,cause yesterday i went to bed with my mascara. I was looking kinda creepy haha. (at least my story is realistic lol )

I heard the doorbell,i opened and saw Justin smiling like an idiot. I kissed him. It was meant to be a short kiss,but then he lifted me,not even interrupting the kiss, and put me on the table. I pulled over and siad:

-Okay seriously,we should stop making out. I feel like one day we will be so tired of doing this. 

He laughed

- There's not an option like this. I smiled too.

-Soo.. what are we doing today? - i asked.

- I was thinking about doing the same thing as last night - he smirked - but.. you're gonna get tired,right? - he winked. I laughed again. Then he said:

-Okay,now for real,i thought about taking you on a date..tonight.

-A date? - i smiled. - That would be absolutely wonderful!! But what untill tonight?

-Well,Christian said that we haven't swim in the pool,and he's really bored. Also, Caitlin is out of town today,so Chris invited us. Again. Hahaha. Wanna go? 
Of course i wanted to go.. but i was feeling uncomfortable. And this moment i felt like Justin was reading my mind.
-Baby,he really is alone. He'll be happy if we go. Chaz and Ryan are also going to be there and guess what - Amy - Chaz's girl from last night -is going to be there too. Chaz asked if you could talk nice things about him in front of her. Like how hot and cool he is and stuff..  - he laughed again and i started laughing too. I can't believe i asked for her number last night. Haha I'm usually shy.
-Okay,but I'm going upstairs to get ready. 
-Yeah,and i will go to my house,to get ready too.
-Okay. - i kissed him and he went out. 

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