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Have you ever wondered?
What if..
What if i was the girl?
Well let me help you, and take you away from Earth for a lil bit.


28. Birthday.. cake cake cake..

5 of May

Today was my birthday. How did Justin know? - I asked myself. Probably Facebook.. I felt so strange. One year ago, I was in my old town, with my old friends, and I was having the worst birthday ever. Just the day before I've heard my mom talking on the phone with her friends about moving out. I was so sad the whole day. I had to leave everything, all the good memories and pretty life. Who knew my fairytale was just beginning.. 

I got up and looked next to my bed. There was a present from mom. I opened the bday  card. "Happy Birthday honey, thank you for making me so proud! I want you to know that I support you in everything you do! Love, mom.
P.S. I am so sorry that I can't be with you on your birhtday morning,but I will see you later."
I smiled. It was so good to hear that your closest person is proud of you. After all, that's all you need, right? I opened the present. It was a dress from my mom. I looked at it - it was really gorgeous and.. and very expensive! I could not believe my eyes. There was a note next to it saying "An outfit for today." I fell inlove with the dress. This was so nice, my mom absolutely found the best thing in the shop. ( )

I loved it but I was going to feel so awkward wearing at school.. it wasn't casual, so I changed in skinny jeans and shirt. I straightened my hair to make it look way longer and put on a little bit more make up than usual. I put on high heels and grabbed my bag. I was ready to go. I opened the door and Justin was just waiting outside my house with a rose. 
-Happy Birthday  babe! - he said and kissed me. I smiled at him and wondered how long he was waiting for me in front of the door.
-Thank you,Justin!! - I said and smelled the lovely rose. I was grinning now and Justin checked me out really fast.
-Babe, Please wear high heels every day.. - he said and I laughed.
-You are so beautifull - he said and I smiled. -Now let's go.
We started walking and I was feeling so happy with him on my brithday. I was enjoying the morning sun and the feeling of Justin's hand holding mine. 

-Alex, I have more surprises for you, okay? - this kinda worried me.. I didn't like to take a lot of presents from people, because i felt like I don't deserve them or that I will fuck things up really soon and it will be a waste of money.
-You shouldn't have... -   told him.
-Yes, I should. 
-Why ??
-Cause you are the most beautifull human being on Earth.. and you are MINE. - he kissed me.

We were now in the school yard when  I looked at Justin. I became nervous.

-Justin.. - I said.
-Can you not tell anyone that I have birthday, today?
-Because I don't want stupid greetings from people who don't give a fuck about me. I need only you. You are the one who matters. - I said and Justin started laughing.

-What? Too cheesy, right? - I asked and laughed too.

-Nope.. It's just too late.

-Too late for what? - I asked and just then, I heard a scream.
-Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex - It was Kate. But right now my eyes weren't on Kate, I was looking at the big red ballons she was holding. There were about 50 and there was  ""Happy Birhtday Alex"" on some of them. I couldn't believe she got me these. Now I understood, what Justin meant. It was too late. Now the whole school knew about my birthday. Kate ran next to me and hugged me.
-Alex, Happy Birthday love youuu - she said and handed me the balloons. I was so stunned, that one of the ballons with helium flew away.
-Kate, you shouldn't have.. thank you so much.. I just.. Thank you I didn't expect it.. I didn't expect anyone to know actually..
Kate laughed. - Well, there's no need to worry about this now hahaha - she said and I laughed too. We had to go in school, but I didn't know what to do with all the balloons so I had to tie them in the school yard. Kate didn't like the idea, so we took half of the balloons with us and she tied them in the back of the classroom. I didn't want too much attention and the birthday baloons in my room,weren't helping me, but Kate insisted. The whole day was kinda strange. Everyone knew about the big surprise, about my birthday. Girls and boys from the school were wishing me "Happy Birthday", most of them didn't even know me. Complete strangers were asking me if the baloons were from Justin and if not, what Justin was going to give me.. I was feeling really awkward, because the whole idea of presents, attention and birthday was too much for me.
Finally, the schoolday was over.
The bell rang and I got out of biology. Justin was waiting for me outside in the hall. 
-Are you ready?

-For? - I asked.
-Don't act silly, for our date!
-Yeah, I will take you from home at 8pm.
-Oh, well okay. But where are we going.
-To a restaurant and then.. we will see.. - Iaughed.
-Did you like Kate's surprise?
-Yeah, Of course it was really kind and sweet.
-I knew you would like it.
-Yeah.. I mean it's wonderfull!

When we were next to my house, Justin kissed me and I got back home. My mom was there.

-Surpriseeeeeeee! - she said. I didn't expect her to be home that early so I was really happy.
-Mom, thanks for the dress!!  And for this - I pointed at the all the food that she had cooked for me. It was a little gesture that made my heart warm up. 
-Did you like it? Why aren't you wearing it?
-Mom, Mom I will wear it this evening, Justin is taking me out on a date.
-Oh really, that's lovely honey! Now let's sit and eat and you can tell me how you day was.
I told my mom about the big surprise that Kate made me, and enjoyed the yummy food. I was still wondering what surprise was Justin talking about. After my lunch, I got  on facebook. There was a photo of me with the ballons in the school yard, uploded by Kate. I smiled. Then,of course,Like always, there were lots of wishes, most of them from people from my old town, who suddenly remembered about me. After the fifth wish from a person, who hasn't talked to me for an year, but has now written me a huge "personal" cheesy wish about our "friendship"and the good memories, I log out of the site. It  was my brithday, so I didn't want to think about this right now. I got in the shower. I wanted to make a different make up  and hair for the evening. I got out and straightened my hair once again and made little curls at the end. I put on the dress from my mom, that looked flawess on me, and one high, high heels that I was afraid to wear, just because I was feeling like everyone is watching me. I got a little purse with me and put on a lot of black make up, giving my eyes a smokey look. I looked at the mirror and smiled at myself. I felt good. I felt confident. It was time. I went downstairs. My mom looked at me.
-Alex, you.. you are gorgeous! Oh my gosh, Honey.. You are.. a woman.
-Oh, mom, don't , c'moon..
-Okay,okay, I will try to keep calm but.. Gosh! - She hugged me and cried a little, and I laughed.
-Don't , okay?
Then, the door rang. It was Justin. I opened the door and saw Justin with a huge bouquet of 100 red roses. I was stunned, so was he. 
-Oh, my, Gosh - we both said at the same time and laughed.

-The flowers. - I said amazed,still looking at them. They were so huge,that when I took them, they were bigger than my own self.
- Screw the flowers, Alex, look at yourself! -he took my hand and kissed me.
-I can't believe that you are mine, and I can't believe that I can taste your pale lips and feel your fond skin. I can't believe how blessed I am. -he said and I kissed him once again. I gave the huge boquete to my mom, and we went out with Justin. 
-To the car, lady. - he pointed at his car.
-Thank you - I smiled and he opened the door for me. 
He drove me to a big, beautifull restaurant. We sat at our table and just stood there, without talking. Justin looked lost in my eyes. I started blushing.
-I am sorry, I just can't get enough of you - he said and I smiled. 
-Thank you Justin. - I said once again. 
-I have something for you. -He said and handed me a little black box with a sweet silk ribbon around it.  I opened it and my jaw dropped. It was a diamond necklace.
-Oh my Gosh, Justin.. It is.. it is utterly perfect.. it is so elegant and exquisite.. It is just.. wonderfull. Are those... 
-Diamonds. Yes they are.
-But how could you.. - I knew that Justin's family had lots of money, but I didn't expect a present like this even in my beavest drems. I was just looking at him, without a clue what to say.
-You like it?
-I.. I love it Justin, it is stunning.
- It is, I was looking for something that reminds me of you. -he put the necklace around my neck. 
-Your eyes look even more bright right now. - he said and I kissed him.

A few hours later Justin and I talked about a lot of things.. We talked about school, about my family and I  told him about my life before him, in the old city. Now it was time to leave the restaurant, when Justin asked me:
-Bae, would you mind if we spend the night together? - he said and showed me  keys.
-What are these?
-Keys.. for a hotel room. I thought, maybe you would like to have some fun.. and I didn't want anything to bother us.
- You are so damn right. Just make sure that we arrive there as soon as possible,cause I can't take it anymore - I said and Justin took my hand and got me out of the restaurant, as soon as possible.

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