A poem about waiting for someone or someone to love


1. Waiting

The rushing turmoil of a busy street

Where pavements hum with shuffling feet

Two young lovers meet, their eyes aglow,

Their lips do move, but their voice is low,

Not do they know outside their own

In this seething thong, they stand alone.


I watch them, now they gently sigh,

Oblivious to all who have passed them by,

Now they move and are gone from view

I wait alone, I wait for you.


The hands of the clock tick slowly by,

And like those lovers I gently sigh

Not a sigh like them who know

I sigh because you do not show


The crowds have gone and left but a few,

I am here still waiting for you

I'll wait, I'll wait oh lover of mine,

I'll wait for you until the end of time.

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