Murder Most Fatal

A Murder Mystery devised by me for my school's 500 Words competition earlier this year. It won third place, the best in my year, and £10 to spend in WHSmith's.
I basically threw in every cliche I could from my library of Christie, Holmes, and Poe's Dupin.
Nobody in my school has been able to solve this without help (I left the killer's identity out to save space). I hope someone out there get's it right.


3. The Evidence of the Ketchup

Dwellings assembled the suspects, and the startled Tibbles, in the hall. All maintained a straight face as the detective slinked across the carpet.

"Three pieces of evidence here, are paramount" said Dwellings "Firstly, the clock that fell during the struggle. It broke as it fell, and the time -"

"Actually, Sir" interjected Wigan "It was fine. It didn't smash. It's a clock, not a piece of pottery."

"Hell. Well, we also have the matter of the scratches on the table. Tests show that they were made by nails that had touched soil."

This puzzled the suspects, except for the mysterious woman, who was stealing silverware.

"Finally, the discovery of our unknown woman, whose face is actually covered with tomato sauce, for you see, she is actually the Colonel's disorientated Chambermaid, Miss Shell, dressed in Ms. Wigan’s oriental attire!" The audience gasped. "This evidence suggests that the murderer was, in fact -" At this convenient point, Dwellings had a heart attack, collapsing on the floor. Tibbles jumped, startled yet again.

The murder was never solved , which is why I ask you, the reader, to uncover the true killer. Go back, and scour the text, from the beginning of each paragraph, to its end. Can you crack it?

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