Murder Most Fatal

A Murder Mystery devised by me for my school's 500 Words competition earlier this year. It won third place, the best in my year, and £10 to spend in WHSmith's.
I basically threw in every cliche I could from my library of Christie, Holmes, and Poe's Dupin.
Nobody in my school has been able to solve this without help (I left the killer's identity out to save space). I hope someone out there get's it right.


1. A Crime in the Night

The late Colonel Hector Hubbard lay on his office floor, covered in blood; his blood, remarkably. Shards of glass were scattered on the carpet. Scratch marks covered the furniture. Who found the body? The Colonel’s feline, Tibbles. Scotland Yard examined the scene, and, as far as they could work out, he was dead. They became worried, so they brought in a detective named Pierre Dwellings. The sleuth compiled a list of suspects. This was difficult because, at the time of the murder, the Colonel had been hosting the biggest party ever in the village of Suffix. However, Dwellings narrowed the list down to ten people...

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