The Apocalypse

What would you do if life was no longer to taken for granted, but something you had to earn. How would you react if your whole world changed, your loved ones died and you had to learn how to live all over again. This is a story about a group of people, doing their best to survive in a world which has taken everything away from them.

First draft of my apocalypse novella / short story. Temporarily named "The Apocalypse". Copyright on the image, taken by me. A larger version can be found at


4. Chapter 4


They all had their specialties. Or jobs at least. They all looked for different things, some protected while others scavenged. Some tracked while others planned. And still, none said a word. They were heading south west, towards the mall where they had been several times before. They all knew the route by heart now, and this made it possible for them all to focus on the task at hand. There was no sign of life anywhere, only empty rooms where there once were stores, conference rooms and others, but that was in the past. They no longer contained anything of interest, due to a systematic search system that the group had operated with for the last years. The only thing those rooms could hide now, was danger.

All though they had seen a decrease in the amount of creatures during the years, the group was still vastly outnumbered. As far as they knew, the creatures had no know natural cause of death and would simply continue living, despite having eaten or drunken anything for months, years even. This was the one thing that none of them could comprehend, not even Doc. He was the closest thing they had to a doctor, and all though he technically was a veterinarian, he had saved the lives of countless group members. Yet he still dreaded it every time someone were hurt. He had lost just as many as he had saved, maybe more, he had stopped keeping count.  When not aiding medically, Doc tried to stay in the back and look for anything of use, and he felt comfortable with his role as a scavenger. He could feel the gun in his holster, but he could not imagine himself using it. He had only fired the gun twice, and both times were during practice. He knew he could trust the others with his life, seeing that he did so almost every day. Yet, he wondered if he would be able to pull the trigger and kill the bastard if he ever was alone with one. This thought had haunted him for years, and still he was no closer to an answer. There had been times where he had gotten close to having no choice, but there had always been others there to take the choice for him. As long as he had the choice, he would continue to rely on the fact that there would always be some one else around.  

The weather was getting colder, he could tell. The sun’s rays no longer warmed his cheeks through the gaps in the roof; the dust was no longer as dry and light. Maybe it was September, he didn’t know. None of them kept calendars anymore; they were barely able to tell time. Their watches had long since stopped ticking, and all though they had an estimate of how long an hour was it was getting increasingly harder to tell. Time had become unreliable and this had made them even more dependent on routine. They might not know how long an hour was, but all of them knew exactly how long it took to get from one side of the building to the other. They had kept to the same area for maybe a few months now, setting up camp under a partly collapsed bridge and getting supplies from the mall located a bit further down in town.  There was barely anything left for grabs, just like most other places like it these days, but they still found enough to make it for now. They all knew that they were going to run out eventually though, and so their maps and plans were ready at all time, both equipped with a short term and long-term plan, for when they had no choice but to leave. Anything and everything they didn’t need for the raids was packed and each knew what to take when it came to that. Sometimes the group could seem like more of a machine than a pack of people, were one to stumble upon them in this otherwise desolate world. A world that had abandoned them. 

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