My Book of Secrets.

My go at the competition :)

I have made this book a new cover, BUT on the cover the book goes by a different name, just a warning.


2. Therapist Lesson Stuff

It was June the second yesterday. It was also my sisters birthday. She was 10. Everything was just like the year before.

My mother went off to work. And I walked down the local florists. I picked out some pink orchids and pink roses. I had them tied with a baby pink ribbon. 'Ummm, excuse me, can I get a message on the tag please?' I asked the lady. She was as kind as usual and wrote it for me. I had a long walk ahead of me so I texted my bff (A.K.A the Babysitter) to check my brother was ok. Just like last year.

June 2nd 11:39am.

I placed the flowers gently onto her grave, kissed the gravestone out of respect then prayed. Some stranger came up behind me and made me jump. (I don't remember what he looked liked). I couldn't focus. My eyes were filled with tears. It hurt. I know most people don't remember the last time they felt certain emotions but I do. I did. every year. June second, 11:39am. The date and time she died and was burried. My sister. Julie. She was six when she fell asleep.

Therapist lesson stuff.

Jiminy asked me to write about my emotions. But I hate that. I hate having to deal with death. But Jiminy's cool. He knows I'll do it anyway. I trust him. Maybe a little too much for my own good. But he's like a I dunno, a something important in my life.

Here goes. He asked me to write about her death. I'll do it. Like my diary.


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