My Book of Secrets.

My go at the competition :)

I have made this book a new cover, BUT on the cover the book goes by a different name, just a warning.


4. Jiminy's Secret.

April 18th 2008.

I went to my therapist appointment today and Jiminy wasn't there! I had some replacement dude and I totally ignored him. I was just thinking where Jiminy was. I knew from previous experiences that if Jiminy wasn't there something was wrong. I told mum when I got home but she said he was probably busy. But Jiminy always came to my appointments. I was totally nervous. So I went to my room and called Jiminy. (This is the exact conversation, I wrote it down just incase he was there next time)

*                                                                                     *                                                                         *

'Hey Jiminy!'

'Oh um hey Jay, what's wrong?' He sounded suprised.

'You missed our appointment today. I was worried.' I started to panic 'cause I didn't think he cared.

'Oh God Jay! I'm so sorry! I've been so caught up in...' he just went quiet.

'Caught up in.....' I repeated.

'Ummm work! So much flaming paperwork!' I was shocked. Jiminy never ever ever got paperwork!

'But you never ever ever get paperwork Jiminy! What's wrong! Please tell me.'

'I'm really sorry  but I've got to go. Apologies. See you tomorrow.' then he hung up.

*                                                                                   *                                                                             *

April 19th 2008.

I cried myself to sleep last night. And I can see I will probably do it again tonight. Jiminy didn't turn up again. He's never missed an appointment! And to top it all off, Julie is struggling to do many things like walking and breathing! We took her to the hospital again today and they are keeping her in overnight. My family is falling apart.

May 3rd 2008.

I've been too angry and upset to write this diary. I have good news though, my sister is fine again and Jiminy is back! He majorly apologised and gave me loads of sweets. I ate them after dinner and shared them with my sister. Julie was running about with her friends apparently today. She had gone to school only for the afternoon. I felt happy that she wasn't feeling much pain. Yet. The worst was still to come.


Jiminy's Lesson.

I'm sorry diary for I have nothing to write in here for the April entries. However I do have something for the May entries.

Jiminy hooked me up yesterday. He hooked me up with an anger mangement class. We do kick-boxing, boxing, karate and all sorts of martial arts. I was glad. But I still missed the old Jiminy, he's changed and I don't like it.

May 4th 2008.

May the Fourth be with you Diary!

I confronted Jiminy today, at therapy. He was shocked, especially when I showed him I wrote down our phone conversation. I wrote this conversation down too, he laughed when he saw what I was doing.

*                                                                                                        *                                                                                                 *

'Well Jiminy?! Where have you been!' I yelled.

'Inside voice' he said calmly 'I was.. well.. umm.. planning my wedding with my fiancee' I gasped.

'Really?! WOW! Who are you marrying? No wait Where? When?' All these questions flooded my mind.

'Miss Cradle, the one at the school? Paris, the Eiffel tower. And in six or seven months.' He smiled at my expression.

*                                                                                                        *                                                                                                *

I apologised to Jiminy once he'd told me and he apologised for missing appointments. I told mum all about it and she smiled. I told Toby too but he just girggled away like any normal one year old. He made me laugh.



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