My Book of Secrets.

My go at the competition :)

I have made this book a new cover, BUT on the cover the book goes by a different name, just a warning.


6. Coping. Or not.

June 3rd 2012.

I wrote the diary out and gave it to Jiminy to read. He was impressed. He kept his smile and I kept mine. Until the receptionist came in. She looked horrified. She had whispered into Jiminy's ear and he had stared at me.

*                                                                                                           *                                                                                                                 *

'Jay, I have some news.' He saw my worried expression. 'Not good I'm afraid.'


'Your mother... commited suicide and they can't find your brother anywhere.' I actually cried.


*                                                                                                             *                                                                                                              *

June 10th 2012.


I've been living with Jiminy for a while now. Well a week. But he's really nice about it and I don't take up much room.

I met his fiancee today! She's so nice, and I remember her teaching me in primary.

June 12th 2012.

A social worker came over today. She said I'm to leave and go to an orphanage. Jiminy and Clara (his fiancee) protested against me going because I would either not get adopted or not have a future. I just didn't care right then.

June 20th 2012.

I've been living in this weird adoption orphanage for some time. I hate it. All the kids here are like 8 and below. Apparently there was no room at the teen orphanage. I'm so bored right now. Life really does suck.

June 21st 2012.

Jiminy and Clara paid me a visit today. They asked how life was so I sarcastically answered saying stuff like it's amazing and wonderful, and I might never want to leave. Clara laughed and Jiminy shook his head hiding his smile. That's when I came up with the idea. Clara loved it. Jiminy wasn't sure.

'Are you sure you'd want us?' Jiminy kept asking 'Positive?'

'If you'll have me.' I kept saying. Clara exchanged glances with Jiminy and said 'We'd love to adopt you Jay!'

We all laughed at how enthusiastically she said it.


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