Midnight Shade

This is a story I've been writing for fun for a while :) I hope you enjoy :)


1. Intro

Intro. I can’t stop now. I’ve done it once.

‘I just can’t have you blabbing out my name to the cops, it’s nothing personal.’ She was crying and begging on her knees. She promised not to tell. ‘It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.’ Blood stained her frilly white shirt as she clutched her chest. She fell to the ground. ‘Like I said, nothing personal just business.’ She repeated that to herself as I walked out of the dark alley-way.

I was home. Safe from the judging eyes of the public. For now. Knock! Knock! I answered the door. A short brunette child stood at my door, mouth wide open

. ‘What d’ya want kiddo?’ I asked her. She looked straight at me. Terror.

‘You killed her’ She stuttered.

‘Who?’ ‘My mum, in the alley. Last night.’ Tears rolled down her pale cheeks.

‘She knew too much....’ I couldn’t finish. I knew how it felt to lose someone close to you. ‘Where were you?’

She mumbled something then spoke up, ‘At the window on the bottom floor.’ Right, I thought to myself, I need to sort this kid out. She knows too much. She is only a kid though. ‘Kiddo, I won’t kill you if you errr...’ I got my gun. 'Get out of here!' I let her run. I didn't want her to live or die.

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