Midnight Shade

This is a story I've been writing for fun for a while :) I hope you enjoy :)


4. Chapter 3.

I woke up in my apartment. There was something on my door, but my eyes were blury and couldn't focus. I reached out and felt a piece of paper I pulled it towards my face. It read:

Morning (or evening depends on when you decided to get up),

I (your taxi driver) brought you in here and covered you up with the blankets as you were asleep when we arrived at your house? Yes, yes House! Sorry for my repetition, I struggle with the English language. I was just writing this note for you to read. Ummm, aha! I was to write you saying the bill is on the house, for last nights ride. You don't need worry. I hope you don't think me a trespasser for entering your home. I also left my business card for you!

I laughed and picked up the business card. Hmm. I wasn't sure if I'd need it so I stuffed it in my purse. Oh wait! I still had Brendan's phone. I reached in my pocket and pulled it out. I called my phone.

'Hello? This is the owner of the phone you are using.' I said.

'I knew you would want this back sooner or later. Very clever to delete your contacts. Carlotta.' No. It couldn't be Yuri. But it was someone who could mimic him. Well. I knew two people that could do that. And as far as I knew one was in prison and the other was Brendan. Oh Brendan. I could play him so well.

'How do you know my name?' I started with just the one question. Easing my way into it I think.

'It was on the back of your phone.' He replied.

'It was on the back of my phone? Well where is it now?' I tried not to laugh.

'I rubbed it off, and wrote it on paper.' Yeah like Yuri would do that. Too much thinking.

'Why do you have my phone?'

'Why do you have my phone?' He replied with a question.

'Aha!' I recognised the sigh. I'd caught him. 'Got ya, Brendan.'

'Can I ask? When did you get it was me?' I laughed.

'Yuri wouldn't look at my contacts. I don't have any. Plus you lost your accent at points, oh and not to mention I saw you take my phone and the only two people that can mimic Yuri are you and that dude in prison.'

'Ahahaha. I must perfect these things...' We laughed. 'Your phone is on it's way.' My mail box's flag went up, my phone hung up. Sometimes I just loved Brendan. Others, well there's too many things I don't want to mention. I walked out to get my phone and put Brendan's in as he came up behind me. He hugged me and I jumped.

'What are you doing!' He laughed. I tried to get away but his grip tightened. 'Brendan you've got me. Let go.'

'Yes Brendan let go.' Yuri. It was a trap. Brendan let go. I turned around. I didn't even look at Yuri. And I slapped Brendan.

Next thing I know, I get picked up and hurled into the back of a van. A black one.


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