Midnight Shade

This is a story I've been writing for fun for a while :) I hope you enjoy :)


2. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1. It felt like it does in movies. Like when the camera goes slow motion. When the surroundings are finally realised by the main character.

I walked through the middle of it. I felt deaf to the surroundings. Like I wasn’t there. People were dying all around me. One by one. I was the mystery girl. I was the last person to see the victim before they died and the first one to leave when the cops started asking questions. ‘Help! Help! Please Help me!’ a voice called from the distance. I don’t know why but my feet started running towards the voice. A woman was being attacked. Mugged. I stepped forward. I pulled the man away and punched him. Hard. He fell to the ground. Thud! I helped the woman get away and called the cops. He got arrested. Taken and locked away. The lady thanked me and I left her. Night was coming. I sat on my bed and thought about the day’s events. About how normal my job is. How normal my life is. How boring it all is. I sighed. Ring! Ring! I picked up the phone. Soon to regret it.


‘Hello, is this Miss Carlotta of Flare street?’ asked a deep male voice.

I panicked. Blood pumped through my veins. ‘Yes this is Carlotta speaking. How can I help you?’

‘You can start by following the instructions I left in your house. You have 2 minutes remaining to find them. See you soon Carlotta.’

My heart pounded in my chest. In a mad rush I ran round my room. I picked up an envelope. Sealed. I opened the seal. I pulled out the letter.

Dear Miss Carlotta of Flare Street, Your instructions are with held in this letter. It is your choice whether you choose to obey them or not is up to you. Meet me at the old bread mill at midnight. Once you come, Miss Carlotta, there is no going back what so ever. The only way you can back out is if something terrible happens to you. You may want to seriously consider coming. I have something or someone very special to you with me. Signed, your new boss.

I stared at the letter. What could he have? I read it over.

Ding! Ding! 10 rings. 10pm.

Ding! Ding! 11 rings. 11pm. I started to get dressed. I put my gun in my pocket and my knife in my boot. I called a taxi and told it to be outside my door at exactly 11:40pm.

11:40pm the taxi arrived not a moment late. I got in. Told him to take me to the Old Bread Mill. The ride was short and bumpy. It was midnight when I got there. I stepped out of the car. I recognised the man instantly. Black suit. Sleek black hair. Yep this was the man.

‘Hello Carlotta, I am Mr.... We have time for that later. Get in the car please.’ I nodded and got in. ‘Sorry about this.’ He said in a sly voice. He put a sack on my head. Blindfolded. The journey felt long. I heard deep voices around me talking and laughing occasionally. I managed to make out part of a conversation.

‘So what’s she got to do with it then?’ one deep voiced man asked.

‘That’s for me to know and for her to find out.’ Said the boss.

‘We’re here!’ called the driver. The limo came to a sudden halt and I fell forwards. Someone caught me and I could feel myself being carried as the men walked.

The light came on quickly. Bright, I thought, very bright. The sack had been removed and I had been put in a chair in front of the boss who was sat in his big office chair.

‘You decided to come after all then? I don’t blame your curiosity. You just want to know what has happened to your friend. Never mind that for now, Carlotta.’ He said my name in such a venomous way it was like he was comparing me to the Devil himself. ‘Now I suppose you want to know why I brought you here?’ I nodded. ‘Well some people have upset me and my men in bad ways and we want some revenge of our own.’ I gulped wondering what was next to come. ‘We want you to...... Kill them. But befriend them first. Find out anything worthwhile then kill them. We are trusting you Carlotta.’ Before he spoke again I found my self standing up and shouting

'Why! Why me! I can’t kill someone!’

‘Oh but you have Carlotta, don’t play games with me I know your past.’

‘I’ve never killed anyone!’ I said.

‘Oh yes I forgot, sweet innocent Carlotta. Wouldn’t harm a soul. Always stood and watched. Regretfully.’ I looked down in shame. ‘Have a drink Carlotta’ He held out a cup to me. I sniffed it and took a sip.

I found myself alone in a cell. Locked up. I sat up on the cold metal slab they called a bed. I scanned my surroundings. I saw a figure sat in the corner.

‘Who’s there?’ I said.

‘Carlotta? Is that you?’ croaked the figure.

‘Brendan? Brendan!’ I called. I ran over to him and gave him a hug. ‘I missed you Brendan.’

‘Missed you too Carly.’ He gradually stood up, using me to lean on. He kissed my cheek and we exchanged gossip, mainly about the past few days.

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