A taste of blood

Its basically a story about a (little unnatural) girl. I haven't planned ahead so well see where it goes.

Also anybody who`s going to comment on my grammar might as well go to hell...cause i really dont care, enjoy the story, leave feedback (good or bad...and not on grammar) and then wait for next chapter.


7. Sarcasm


So it was exactly as they said. Sharp lights, boring corridors, locked doors, distant screams muffled by thick walls and people in white coats dashing around with sad faces. I myself was strapped tight to a hospital bed, the leather cutting into my wrists and angels. A guy with a mask and a pair of frightened eyes, was looking down at me from behind (not like that you perv) I sighed.

The place I was left in was just about as boring as a grey wall, actually, that was just about what it was. I was parked in the middle of the room, directly under the brightest lamp I had ever seen. Then the man disappeared out the door, leaving me to listen to the insane screams from down the hall. Lovely.

It took hours, before something happened. I know because of the clock on the wall. This clock also happened to be the only thing moving in my cell, so there for the only thing to watch. I couldn’t move because of the leather strips tying me to the bed. And I couldn’t talk because of the mask they put on me. I guessed that this was more for their protection than protection from me starting to talk to myself or scream.

A man entered my room. He was tall, wore, surprise surprise, a white coat, with a little breast pocket for pens too, it couldn’t get much more stereotyped than this. Behind him entered a nurse and a few, something that looked like surgeons. Were they going to cut me open to see if I would happen to be of another species. Or maybe their human personalities was showing, in their eyes I was a blood-drinking crazy, and if I lived any longer, innocent girls and boys might start showing up dead in dark narrow alleys.

Luckily nothing like that happened. The tall man sat down in front of me, the nurse took off my mask. Obviously they had some questions to ask. “Hello” said the man, “do you know where you are?” “I’m in the stereotypical boring hospital building” I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm, I didn’t particularly like these people.

A small creepy smile spread on his face, “there’s no reason to be rude miss, we`re here to help”. Sure they were, tying me to a bed and forcing me to stare at a clock for 5 hours. That sounds like the perfect way of preventing mental damage. And what was it with the whole miss business, you do not call a girl, you’ve kept prisoner for 5 hours without telling her a word, miss. “I doubt it” I said with a small smile.

A flicker of irritation flashed across the man’s face, only to be replaced with his fake white smile. “You do not seem willing to corporate” he said with a patient smile. “No shit” I said, looking him straight in the eye. He slammed his fist down onto the table, causing the glass of water on it to jump off and shatter against the ground.

“Careful” I said, “that might have been expensive”. This man obviously wasn’t a patient one. “Listen here” he said, rage clearly hearable underneath his fine words, “you just committed one of the most despicable crimes in newer history”. I nodded, didn’t exactly help on his temper. “So therefor we have the rights to do exactly what we want to with you”, “well why don’t you just go ahead and rape me, you dirty pedophile, that’s obviously what you want, tying me up and everything”. I didn’t hear laughter, but I caught my interviewer in staring angrily at one of the surgeons behind me.

“Fine” he said, “you´ll have it your way”. “Thank you” I said, my voice dripping with honey. Then his face turned to stone as he said “throw her in the isolation cell”.

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