A taste of blood

Its basically a story about a (little unnatural) girl. I haven't planned ahead so well see where it goes.

Also anybody who`s going to comment on my grammar might as well go to hell...cause i really dont care, enjoy the story, leave feedback (good or bad...and not on grammar) and then wait for next chapter.


2. Pathetic pathetic PATHETIC


It was worse than I expected.                                                                                                                                                   

 Before my eyes were 5 rows of 5 of your typical teenager-gossip-or-football types. I felt the fear already. At first it seemed as though there weren’t any empty seats left, but then I spotted an empty chair next to a guy in the opposite corner of the classroom.

He was a strange individual by the looks of it, I mean dark suit and completely black hair isn’t something you see every day.     

He looked up from a book on his desk. And stared directly at me. A shiver ran down my spine, his eyes were a deep purple, like mine. He looked in a weird way, like he knew more than he expressed. Maybe, just maybe.

My line of thought was crushed by a high voice, it almost sounded like a whine. “Look” it said “the new girl”. The voice belonged to a girl, who looked like one of those girls who would faint at the sight of a sale at some expensive cloth-shop.

 “Wow she looks weird”. Another voice, this one belonged to a guy who looked like he was on steroids. I almost turned up an offended face but reconsidered. Look happy and be open, my mom had said. So I tried to smile at him, it must have looked like a real smile cause he smiled back. I felt like I just swallowed an entire peeled lemon.

I looked back at the guy in the corner. He was back at his book, but when I looked he looked up, like he sensed my look, and smiled apologizing. And me, being the smart girl I am, mumbled “it`s fine”.

“What´s fine?” it`s was the shopping girl again. “Nothing” I said, surprised that I actually said that out loud. She looked at me like I was an important clue in a case she was on (like Sherlock Holmes). “You aren’t a psycho are you?” she asked me suspiciously, I almost laughed. “I hope not” I said, then I winked at her. “Screw it” I thought “everybody have enemies”. “Haha” she said, without much enthusiasm, then she retreated to a safe distance.

I chuckled and made my way down to the table next to the mystery guy, that’s what I’m calling him till I know his name. He smiled at me and said “hi” his voice was like honey “I’m Eric”. I was sold, from the first word. “You`re pathetic” I said to myself, “this isn’t some kind of rose red love story, this is just another class of imbeciles to be zoned out and discarded”.

“Hi” I said, my voice sounding (unintentionally) flattered, “my name is Xenia, with an x”. I was appalled as soon as the words left my mouth. With an x, what kind of shit is that, I finally meet someone interesting and I start off by spelling my name for him. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

I was too busy screaming at myself mentally to notice that he was talking. “I’m sorry what?” I was really showing this guy all my charm, aka I hated myself. “That’s a very beautiful name, where is it from?” “Greece” I said quickly (it`s true, I looked it up), “oh” he said “are you from Greece?” “No, my mother just liked the name”, another internal sigh. “Oh” he said again. Then the door opened and interrupted our little chit-chat.

“Good morning class” the teacher said, with a fearsome voice. I probably should have answered, everybody else did, but I couldn’t. The creature that walked in the door was simply too stunning. “That’s my father” Eric whispered.

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