A taste of blood

Its basically a story about a (little unnatural) girl. I haven't planned ahead so well see where it goes.

Also anybody who`s going to comment on my grammar might as well go to hell...cause i really dont care, enjoy the story, leave feedback (good or bad...and not on grammar) and then wait for next chapter.


8. Medicine


Tik toc tik toc tik toc tik toc tik toc.

I was sitting in the corner of my gummy-cell, staring at the clock. It had been three weeks now. I counted in my head, 3 2 1. A little hatch in the large, solid metal door opened and a plate of disgusting food slid into the room.

“There you go you monster”. A voice, from the other side of the door. I flew to my feet, almost flying across the room. I stopped a millisecond before my face slammed into the metal. Then I talked to the man behind the door, my voice sounding like something out of a horror movie.

“I have been trapped in here for three weeks. No one has talked to me since this blasted door closed, except you. I have been looking on that clock for hours and hours. Do you want to know who I’m talking to?” There was no answer, but my hypersensitive ears picked up breathing. “So do you?” More breathing, then a mumbled yes.

“The voices in my head” I said, my voice sounding like nails across a blackboard. “Do you want to know what they say?” This time I didn’t wait around for an answer. “Their telling me to kill you and your other friends out there”

My entire body was shaking from abstinences, I hadn’t had any blood for almost a month. “Do you want to know why?” I leaned as close to the door as I could, “because people like you have the guts to do all this to a person. And still call them a monster”. I could hear steps quickly disappearing, so with the last air in my lungs I screamed. “YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS OUT THERE ARE THE REAL MONSTERS HERE, NOT ME”.

I looked at the food the man had given me. It looked like pig-droppings. I took the plate and threw on it on the ground, the content splattered all over the floor. A drop of sauce hit me on the cheek, my tongue automatically shot out and removed it. My brain telling me that it might was a drop of blood, I was disappointed.

I wonder what was happening out there, who was watching me now. What were they planning to do to me? Kill me, torture me or perhaps they would just leave me in here until I started taking to the walls. Voices were already showing up in the back of my brain, tiny, like little butterflies, easy to kill, but they grew stronger every day, more persistent. I wouldn’t stay sane for long.

One of them belonged to Eric, another to his dad. But the one who made me cry every time it spoke was my mothers, gentle as it always had been, but with a twist of madness, in the words, the things it told me, not sweet and uplifting, but sad, angry and pitiful. In my head my own mom was literally telling me to kill myself.

I think it might have something to do with the medicine they gave me on my first day here. They were very mystic about it, wouldn’t tell me what it was, what it did or even why I should have it. They just gave it to me, with a little touch of hate in their eyes. Filthy humans.

I was beginning to think of humans as something different from me, monsters, narrow minded idiots waddling around thinking that they’re the best thing that ever happened to the world. But they obviously weren’t. Not when they could treat what looked like a normal teenage girl like this. Looked up for weeks without any contact to the outside world. Terrible.

The clock was ticking on, but I wasn’t looking anymore. There wasn’t anything else on today’s schedule. In one hours’ time the lights would be turned off. Exiting stuff. But then a sound caught my ear. It was a gentle tapping from outside the door, coming closer. I panicked, I recognized that sound, it was the sound of that guy who had given me my medicines boots. He was coming for me. I crawled to the corner of the room, curving myself into a ball, maybe he wouldn’t see me and go away. Then a voice came from the door.

“How are we today Xenia?”

Authors note: hey everybody. You just read the 8th chapter of my book. Now I feel like we're kinda going into the 2nd "act" of this story so I'm kinda exited about that. That's all I hope you enjoyed. Oh and if there's anyone who can spot the Lonely Island reference in this chapter feel free to leave it in the comment section along with the name of your own personal "if-I-had-to-show-someone-my-movellas-account-this-would-be-the-story-I-showed-them" story and I will personally check it out (read it). Seeya guys:D
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