A taste of blood

Its basically a story about a (little unnatural) girl. I haven't planned ahead so well see where it goes.

Also anybody who`s going to comment on my grammar might as well go to hell...cause i really dont care, enjoy the story, leave feedback (good or bad...and not on grammar) and then wait for next chapter.


4. Invincible...not likely


I opened my eyes, the world was black. I blinked a couple of times and my vision returned.

I was lying on the floor in Eric’s bedroom, judging from the light it was about 16 o clock. Eric was lying on the bed, his normally deep purple eyes had a weird sheen to them, distant and out of focus. His chest wasn’t moving therefore he wasn’t breathing.

I tried to get up, the movement sent a sharp pain through my head, I moaned. I finally got up and looked around, his radio clock had to be wrong, it was showing 02:35. I went over to examine Eric a bit closer.

Something was wrong, his skin was grey and his entire body looked like a raisin, like he had been sucked dry.

Suddenly memories came flooding to my brain, me and Eric drinking tea, a very delicious tea too, him showing me around the house, both of us sitting on his bed, him biting me, the feeling of bloodlust, stronger than ever before, and then, me leaping at him, wanting his blood. Then everything became dark.

I felt the panic build up in my stomach, what if he was dead, what if I had killed him. A tear appeared in my eye, rolling down my cheek, I looked in the mirror, thee tear had left a red trail, on the floor a drop of blood had splattered. I was crying blood.

But that wasn’t the only thing that surprised me, my eyes, they were red as blood. I leaned in for a closer look when I suddenly heard a sound. It came from the living room, steps, and a quiet frustrated mumble. Eric’s dad.

I almost screamed, right on the other side of that door was a man whose son I had probably just killed. He was going to kill me when he found out, if he didn’t already know. I rushed to the other side of the room, and almost fell. I had crossed the 7 m wide room in under half a second, how did that happen.

Then I noticed it, the power, strong, fast, pumping around in my veins. Blood, I realized, must boost your body when you’re a vampire. I ran to the other side of the room, and bumped into the wall.

The mumbling voice stopped, but the steps certainly did not, they grew in strength, came closer and closer. I panicked looked around for some kind of hiding place, I found nothing. I looked out the large window, we were 3 floors up, not a possibility. I was surprised to see the moon though, so the clock had been right, another gift of the transformation. Then the door opened and things happened VERY fast.

The first thing I saw was his eyes, full of sorrow and rage. He wasn’t going to spare my life for anything. My instincts took over, again, my body had been more controlled by instincts than by my brain lately.

I leaped against him, claws and fangs pointed directly at his head. Now of course he was a bit older than me, and a lot more experienced, but I was blood powered, nothing could stop me. Not true. He stepped one step to the right and grabbed me in mid-air then proceeded to swing me 180 degrees around himself and slamming me into the floor, face first.


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