The Shadow

I have turned Carl Gustav Jung's theory about the 'shadow aspect' into something lyrical. I hope you like it :)


1. The shadow


For a thousand years I have but slumbered

You see, I have been all encumbered,

And since you have awakened me

I will share a story with thee.

It is not a tale of dragons and knights

But something sinister lurking at night.

Something falleth out of every shadow,

It is dark, insidious and hollow,

With nothing but a single purpose

To froth and devour even with zealous.


'I will hunt with hunger and make a dawn of demise

The flesh be torn with writhe and blithe

Once thou see my yellowing eyes

Thou calleth for death without breath for cries'


It is not a monster, devil nor demon,

it comes marching in numbers of legion.

It is within thou, in the depth of mind.

It is something thou cannot unbind.

What is it? thou ask time and again,

It is the malevolent shadow of men.

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