The forgotten creatures of a perfect Tale...

Megara finds the story book hidden on there loft and finds the door to a fairy tale world where she is the queen, but in every fairy tale there is an evil witch...It seems Megara has forgotten this fact.


2. Little birds chirp innocently.

I walked in my human form along the water edge near the under water city. Though whenever i was near only few of the creatures living there stayed to see me. Most of the just swam away screaming, their under water bubble scream. Those that stayed often just eyes me keeping track of every step i took. I usually tried to smile of course. 

I do have one friend. But all we have is talked...Know each  other we do not. But friendly we are. And friends we shall stay!! 


I sighed and lifted my dress as i stepped out of the water and sat down on a nearby log. Some of the mermade's came back to swim and play or discuss. "I know how you feel." A small voice crooned in a sweet melody filling my heart with pleasure. I looked around to find the source of such lovely a voice. But did not find what i was seeking. "Over here i flying right next to you." The beutiful voice said again and a beutiful medium sized bird flew and sat on next to me on the log. 

"Don't feel bad at least you not alone...I'm the last of my kind." The bird said with the heavenly voice i had strangely become used too already now. "Who are you? We have talked but never have you told me your name or race." I asked slowly makeing an effort to make my voice a bit more presentable. Compared to his or hers at least. "I am a Melodius bird. My name is Askrita. And you?" The bird looked at me and from the name and the look off the bird it had a more female look. "I am a werewolf...My name Nathrintei." i answered expecting none other than the bird would scream and fly away. "I must say i have never encountered a bird whom could speak other than you. Mind explaining?"  Askrita made a sound that would sound like a sort of laugh.

"Well you see i can only speak, If i open my heart to a person with a true soul. That my friend is you." She said softly pecking my wrist and i used my two fingers to nuzzel her head. "I am glad to hear i am someone's friend. You would not belive how long i have searched for someone like you." Askrita let her head down as if too mean something sad was going on.

"What is the matter?" I asked lifting her head a tiny bit up. "Well you see. the prinssess really adores my kind. So the prince has told his men to capture me...I was afraid i was not going to find a soulmate before this but here you are walking right to me in my time of need. I just want to know that while i am stuck in the castle i have at least one friend on the outside of the castle." A tear rolled down my cheek. 

I have just gotten a friend whom does not seem to lie and then because of the prince they are going to remove her from me. Every single time the prinssess is i danger everybody has to bend over backwards for her. I don't get to understand how she could resemble 'the goodness' when all her wishes are turned into ruining perfectly happy lives. 

"You will always have me." I promised. 


"They are coming now. Go i do not wish you to see me captured."

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