So, like I said in the beginning, this has NOTHING to do with my home life or past experiences. COMPLETE fiction. (;


1. My life..


            (NO this has nothing to with my home life, or any experiences. This is totally fictional.(; )


           "YOU'RE SO WORTHLESS AND DISGUSTING!" She told me, then smacked me for the twelve time as tears ran down my cheeks. What did I do now? She took another drink from her whiskey bottle and spat at me. "Ugh" She said as she walked out of the attic, also known as my bedroom. Aren't moms supposed to be loving? Caring? Kind? I cried into my teddy bear, my only friend. This attic is my home. My mom only comes to visit me to call me worthless, or hit to me. What did I do?


             She brings home a different guy every week. They're never cute either. I've hardly seen the outside world and I'm already 13. I'm clueless when it comes to growing up. I'm a growing girl who can't even talk to her own mother because she hates me. Why does she hate me? I'm her daughter. Her own flesh and blood. I thought she should love me.


             Yes, I know I'm ugly. Worthless. Horrible. Who could ever love me? When even my own mom doesn't?




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