The Fame

Not much of a story, just kind of a description of a guy's life in first person. My first Movella. Mostly looking for feedback.


1. I Enjoy It

I enjoy it, the fame. Plenty of different kinds of celebrities have told me over and over again how they just wish they could get up in the morning, go to the window, and stretch while looking at the dawn without being scared of a paparazzi taking a picture of them in underwear, or worst, naked. But I honestly don’t mind it. Actually, every morning I go greet whoever is in front of my house trying to take a humiliating picture of me.

The first time there was only one paparazzi, and the second three, but now that I’ve made it a habit tons of them come every morning to my entrance and wait until I get up. I don’t even have to worry about when I go greet them or even if I actually end up appearing. They are there because they want to.

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