The funeral

Eve is a 16 year old girl who is quite popular in school. She has dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.


2. 1 week earlier

"Bye! I'm going to work, see you later!" Shouted my dad.
"Bye, have a nice time!" I said.
Dad walked out the front door and closed it behind him. He worked in a corner shop just round the road all by himself. Sometimes when I had nothing to do I went and helped him on the weekends. It was Saturday today but I was way too tired to help from ballet. I had a performance last night and it went down very well. I remembered all my steps as usual and my teacher said I had worked very very hard. I got out of bed and had a quick shower. After that I dried my wavy blonde hair and straightened it. I decided to go for a natural makeup look so I put on some tinted moisturiser, brown mascara, beige blush and clear lipgloss. Then I brushed my perfect white teeth and then put my brown skinny trousers, pink One Direction top, and pink Toms on. I made myself some Coco Pops and ate them quickly as I had arranged to meet Sally (my best friend) in town. I want upstairs and said to mum "Mum, please can I have some cash to spend in town?"

She gave me 50 pounds (I know!!!!) and I kissed her and went downstairs. I got my Pauls Boutique jacket on and grabbed my pink chanel bag. I put my purse in it, my bottle of water, my IPhone and my makeup bag. I shouted "Bye! I will be back about five!"
And walked out of the door.

In town, I met Sally. She was wearing her purple skinny jeans, white and purple Justin Beiber top, purple jacket and white and purple hi tops. "Hi" she said.
"Hey" I answered.
"where shall we go first?" she asked.


"One Frappuchino please" I said.
"Coming right up"
"Please can I have an Iced tea?" Asked Sally.
"Of course"

We talked about Sally's boyfriend, Jack, until our drinks came. We sat at a table with high stools at the window and talked about school. When we had finished our drinks, we walked to primark and I bought a 1D phone cover and a 'I <3 Zayn Malik' t-shirt. Sally bought a purple watch and a pair of white and purple earrings.

After that, we heard and ambulance rush through the city but didn't react as it wasn't unusual. I got a text from my mum saying "come home, quickly!"
I texted back saying ok. I said to Sally "I'm so sorry I have to go" And gave her a hug and ran off.

When I got home I ran through the door to find my mum crying with William. "What's the matter mum?!?!"
"Your d-dad's been sh-sh-shot!"
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