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  • Published: 3 Jun 2012
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NOBODY can write like Joanne Kathleen Rowling, but nevertheless, we all try, don't we? Here's my first attempt at fan fiction - the story of Snape and Lily, a love story that never was...


1. The Wedding Day

Lily Evans was looking beautiful. Her long red hair was decorated with elegant golden ribbons and she wore a pristine white dress for the occasion. But she was also wearing a frown, her striking green eyes moist and worried.

He won’t come.

This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Her wedding day. In a while, she would be marrying the man she loved and would be giving up her maiden surname to adopt the one of her new husband – James Potter. She was happy, yes, but she couldn’t help but worry that the one person she cared about so much would never make it to her wedding.


She let the tears fall now. It was too much to take. All this pain, and that too on the best day of her life. Why was she even feeling bad about it? After all, Severus had gone to the wrong side and he wasn’t coming back. He had made up his mind to serve the Dark Lord for evermore. What was the wedding of a silly childhood friend to him?

Lily had decided not to talk to him again the day he had gone too far and called her a Mudblood during their school years together. He had apologised, begged her to forgive him, but she hadn’t. She was worried for her friend. He was in the wrong company and she wanted to make him see sense. No matter how hard she had tried, Severus had adamantly refused to abandon the friendship of aspiring Death Eaters like Avery and Mulciber who had all, like him, started making plans for the day they would finally join the Dark Lord. It was repulsing how the Severus she knew, the Severus she cared about, the Severus who had been her best friend ever since childhood, had gone all wrong.

She had sent him the invitation in spite of herself, without letting James know. He would be furious if he found out that she had invited Severus Snape to their wedding. But what could she do? Forget her friend on the happiest day of her life? She longed to see him again, see him standing by her side smiling at her as she stepped into a new life with her husband. But she knew that would never happen. Severus loathed James as much as James despised him. Severus would never come to their wedding. Never.

She had sent the wedding invitation with these words on them –


Come, Severus, but only if you want to.


She didn’t want him to think she had forgiven him. But she didn’t want him to think she didn’t want to see him again either. There was nothing more she wanted than to see him once. She was sure that if she could just meet him again, she would be able to persuade him, to bring him back to her side, to make him understand that he was wrong … but he wouldn’t come.

The reply had come the same day –


I cannot, my Lord does not wish me to.


She was revolted. Severus was not coming back. He was gone for good. He had offered himself to The Dark Lord, and he was not going to change. Lily had been wrong.

‘Hey,’ a voice whispered in her ear and she started. It was James. ‘I snuck out under the Invisibility Cloak to see you. Wow, you look great!’

She faced him. He was wearing a formal tuxedo and the perpetual mischievous smile. Lily felt happy again, looking into his lovely hazel eyes. He was always there for her. And nothing would change that, would it? James would always be with her, she didn’t need Severus. James was the one she loved, and he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Severus was long gone. He was history. James was her present, and also her future. And she accepted it.

Her expression must have betrayed her emotions because the grin was immediately wiped off James’s face. ‘Are you okay, Lily?’ he asked, concerned. He loved her so much, he cared so much. And she did too. She was going to be happy with him.

She smiled. ‘I’m fine, James.’

He seemed relieved. ‘I heard your father say it’s almost time now. He was coming to take you but I Confunded him –‘


‘– and came to see you myself. What? He’s only Confunded, Lily! Now come on, before the spell wears off. They’re all waiting and I’m afraid Padfoot will drink all the Firewhisky before the wedding’s over. He’s already high, I’m wondering how he’s going to keep his head through the ceremony.’

He laughed – the best sound in the world. When she was with him, everything felt light and perfect, like everything was a joke. He could make her laugh anytime, anywhere.

‘Are you sure you’re okay, Lily? You look tired.’

She took his hand and smiled. ‘I’m alright, James, I’ll be there in a minute.’

He grinned and ducked back under his Invisibility Cloak. Lily steadied herself. Everything was perfect. She was going to get married now, and Severus was not important to her anymore.

A few minutes later she was walking down the aisle, James and Sirius, the best man, standing before her on the podium. They were both grinning at her, and Remus even gave her a fleeting thumbs-up from the side. Peter was trotting around excitedly, lurking behind Remus. Everybody she cared about was here – James, their friends … everybody but Severus. She mentally kicked herself for thinking about him, but his memory kept forcing its way back into her mind.

‘Do you, Lily Evans, take James Potter as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do you part?’

Lily gave the entrance one last, hopeful, longing glance before finally saying –

‘I do.’

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