What if you knew everything?
What would that make you?
Or a destinct creature, bound to be alone because you were invincible and immortal.
No. It would make you lonely...

This story is about a boy, who meets a Vastata Infelix Immortalis, an immortal being from before the Dawn of Time.
The Vastata teaches him about it's breed, or genus, and he is soon sucked into their world of immortality.

Please comment and give constructive critism! :)
(A/N: this is my first english short story, so if there is any technical errors, please tell me!!)


2. Nowhere near

He watched as the couple continued their silent make-out session, silently cursing himself for being there in the first place.

It wasn't like he didn't get experience or anything by watching, but he hated to have to learn those things through watching, instead of being there himself. Jakeru closed his eyes and turned his head away from the window before quicly drawing the curtains, blocking the view of the alley.

His nose wrinkled in disgust. It wasn't like he hadn't had a girlfriend once, but when he dated her, he found out that there were a possibility that he might be gay.

He had never given a fuck, though. It didn't bother him much.

His phone made a beeping noise and reminded him of the event he had promised to come to.

It was his dads brothers wedding.

Stupid adults. Why couldn't they see that he was struggling with hormones and teenageness back here?!

Oh, did he forget to mention that it was a GAYwedding?

His dad's brother, Grimmjow Jaequeruz, was being married to Ichigo Kanon.

Strange, Jakeru had thought. I thought I heard something about them being behind bars with lifetime-sentence. Both of them... But whatever!


Jakeru tried his best not to slip on the stairs, but that proved to be a little difficult, considering he was pulling his ironed slacks and suit jacket on at the same time.

How stupid can a guy get?

Well, obviously more stupid than that.


When he had just finished putting on his shoes, Jakeru noticed that his phone was missing.

The damn thing was still on his queen-sized bed in his microscopic bedroom.

He didn't give two shits about the cleanliness of the floor as he stomped to his room to retrieve his stupid cellphone.


This night was going to be the worst of his life, he thought.

Ooh, if he knew what I, the omniscient narrator, knows... He just wouldn't have said that.


It's even worse than 'It can't get worse than this!'


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