1. Evil


The evil I breathe concentrates in the lungs, purifies the system from all corruption.

I will take everything as evil words leave my tongues; evil is my only consumption, the greatest option.

I'll create screams, stuck in your mind, the sound is imploding, exploding, deafening and blinding.

Time rewinding, bone grinding.

Let pain pulsate through the corporal, the abyssal.

Something I must confess, the pain is nothing but a pure and beautiful caress.

It's destruction, an addiction, a reflection of fascination and true frustration, never-ending determination ending in termination.

My power I implicate, duplicate, my blood reddish cape, no one will escape.

I am draped with blood, the strength of a behemoth, created from Hell broth.

In you I’ll create petrification with great elaboration, instant termination, and beautiful fornication.

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